How to Make a Purple Mattress! - Best bed of 2020?

2 Jan 2020
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Cambry and I got to see HOW the Purple Mattress are made! Try it for yourself with Purples 100 night risk-free trial and 10 year warranty: and HUGE thanks to Purple for sponsoring this video and letting us see the inside of their factory.
Seeing the purple mattress factory from the inside was awesome. So many big machines manufacturing these massive mattresses. The Purple mattress is made from a sportive grid system combined with a foam and coil base. They call it a Smart Comfort Grid System. So no matter how you sleep, front, back, or side, your body is always supported.
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  • It's like sleeping on cancer.

    Patrick CurranPatrick Curran5 jam yang lalu
  • "We can't wait to try it out"

    Paul AJ LealPaul AJ Leal11 jam yang lalu
  • Don't mind, is she disabled or met with accident?

    John SuJohn SuHari Yang lalu
  • By the way you can absolutely feel your partner or sleeping mate when they get in and out of bed. Tempur Pedic you can’t but the Purple you absolutely can.

    TwinTurboChiTwinTurboChiHari Yang lalu
  • I have a Purple 4 the top of the line version and I am not impressed. I have many many spine injuries and have devices in my neck and back along with batteries implanted in my low back. I cleaned my cover and the grid underneath the cover was so unevenly and sloppily done. For the money I spent on it I’m pretty disappointed in the quality of the product. By the way their stretch sheets are horrible and like torture to get out of.

    TwinTurboChiTwinTurboChiHari Yang lalu
  • Only Malaysians and Indonesians know that the compound looks like purple santan

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  • I have a purple!!! I’m watching this video on it right now haha

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  • missed opportunity to jump on the bed first thing...

    YoutubɛYoutubɛHari Yang lalu
  • No, it's NOT the best bed ever. I bought one and it was the MOST uncomfortable bed I ever slept on! I GAVE IT AWAY and bought a generic memory foam mattress online from Amazon for a THIRD of the price of the basic Purple, and I sleep MUCH now! Purple is overpriced trash.

    John NemeshJohn NemeshHari Yang lalu
  • Truth about purple mattress: it sucks and is gimmicky.

    Flowify 123Flowify 123Hari Yang lalu
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  • What is the adhesive glue that they use for the foam to stick together what chemicals are those is this the g o l s and the gots certification pure of toxins?

    Tracy SkywatcherTracy Skywatcher5 hari yang lalu
  • Was it good?

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  • Made in the good old US of A baby. I love this video good work.

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  • This is fucking insane, I remember seeing the commercials for these beds on IDworlds a long time ago and thought I've always wanted one, before I knew it, my dad surprisingly bought me a new Tempur-Pedic, if only I was faster than them, oh well I sleep pretty comfy and I and I dream I'm on a purple :)

    shufflin321shufflin3216 hari yang lalu
  • The word of this video is ... yes you quessed GIANT !-_-!

    Michael KosMichael Kos6 hari yang lalu
  • I purchased a foam mattress and had a big problem on my hands and the problem was fiberglass it was in my skin and all over my house I will never use a foam mattress again it’s because they put the flame retardant on it and that’s what they put were sleeping in glass people

    Cipriana GuardadoCipriana Guardado7 hari yang lalu
  • In the hybrid beds why don't the springs get damaged being squashed and rolled for shipping? And why only a 10 year warranty? Other memory foam bed makers have a lifetime warranty and memory foam degrades over time, way faster than the Purple stuff does.

    DanDan9 hari yang lalu
  • It started sounding a lot like rick and morty 🤔

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  • It's been 9 months. Do you still sleep on this mattress?

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  • "All parts are made in America" Is that because there was a Mexican guy lol 😅

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  • Why do I feel like working at purple would be just so fun

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  • cute couple 😊

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  • Sosage

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  • ✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻

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  • Can u make a vedio on how u ppl met and got married.

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  • Sleeping on the floor is the best mattress in the world.

    Jo shaJo sha13 hari yang lalu
  • Ok Jerry, when are going to rip it out!

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  • And I sleep like a baby on cotton filled in two bed sheets sewn together 😂😂

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  • Can we get a follow up review of the mattress?! I'd love to know what you think of it now after having had it for a while. Would you still get the 3 again? Do you find that you stay cooler at night? Is it as supportive as they say?

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  • Jerry what happened to your wife

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  • I think you can find the video still where purple had a chemical in it that is known to cause problem pr something like that I remember watching it years ago but purple god mad at the dude but wouldint deny it

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  • Sausage! Purple pancake, then purple burrito, then purple sausage!

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  • I got one of their lumbar plows for driving. Highly recommend

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  • Jerry thank you so much for uploading this video, I've made blue mattresses, green mattresses, even orange mattresses but I've never found a video that can enable me to make a purple one

    Will ForsterWill Forster18 hari yang lalu
    • Glad i could help!

      JerryRigEverythingJerryRigEverything18 hari yang lalu
  • How would you return one of these to the factory if there was a problem with it

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  • We donated our Purple... the grid is super uncomfortable and really hurts the upper back.

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  • The description reminds me how plumbus is made

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  • I hate purple mattress to kill my back painful for 7 months, I like Emma mattress is very comfy.

  • You never told us how was the bed? . . .

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  • This is the new “How it’s made” show on jerry rig everything

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  • This cost $2000 just checked web site. Crazy

    david bensondavid benson27 hari yang lalu
  • way overpriced ... mostly machine made , but still charge like it is all hand made ... let me know in 10 years if it is still supporting you ....I had a tempur-pedic foam mattress...cost same as the purple is JUNK... did you know after so many years the foam disintegrates into dust? mine did in less than 10 years... never again , my new queen sized hybrid mattress was delivered by UPS... cost 399 ... never pay thousands ... no mattress is worth that kind of money

    bones007ablebones007able28 hari yang lalu
  • Do not fall for gimmicks, there’s a reason why Simmons Sealy and Serta continue to be the top rated companies. You never see a bed in the box like Purple, Casper or Nectar at a high end hotel. I bought a Purple Hybrid 2 with the protector and sheets. Ended up having worst back pain because the floating design does not really support your body so your muscles never relax. Worst of all when I returned the mattress it was too late to return the sheets and the protector so they didn’t want to issue me a refund for that. Even if you’re in a budget, stick to Simmons, Sealy or Serta, they have lower priced options that are still a much better sleep. Just get the firmest you can while still being comfortable and you’re set. I now have a firm Simmons Beautyrest that was $500 cheaper and I’m sleeping like a baby.

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  • The absolute best bed I've have ever had. I received it the begining of summer and haven't sweated through the night once, I've woken up with less pain alot less, and fallen asleep faster and had better sleep. I love this bed!!

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  • I have a question about the wheelchair cushions. My younger brother has cerebral palsey and spends about 80%of his day in a wheelchair. I see several different types of seat cushions on the website but im just curious on which one you guys use for your wife's wheelchair so I can get a good idea on which one to look into for him. Thanks for any feedback!

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