Samsung Note 20 Ultra Teardown! - No Copper Cooling inside?!

27 Agu 2020
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Its time to teardown the Samsung Note 20 Ultra. Thanks to LastPass for sponsoring a portion of this video! Click here to start using Last Pass: The Note 20 Ultra is quite possibly the most expensive and powerful smartphone in the world right now... and it doesnt come with a copper cooling system? Strange... Check out the iFixit Teardown here (graphite): Check out the iCase Teardown here (copper):
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  • I'm Teardown Global version Exynos 990 i think samsung have Exynos & Qualcomm have Snapdragon 😂

    iCase Mobile Service CenteriCase Mobile Service CenterBulan Yang lalu
    • No

      Anupam KaushikAnupam Kaushik2 hari yang lalu
    • 👍👍👍👍

      Mohs FeniyMohs Feniy14 hari yang lalu
    • @Rahul Shah 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 You are right!

      Adrian TeodorAdrian Teodor25 hari yang lalu
    • Exynos 990 sucks

      PDRPDR27 hari yang lalu
    • Guys he traded the cpu brands. Probably said samsung had an snapdragon. That's why that comment fixing

      BrothersXpro gamingBrothersXpro gamingBulan Yang lalu
  • Nice

    razib uzzalrazib uzzal8 jam yang lalu
  • "They have ball at both ends !" 😲

    KneadedKneaded20 jam yang lalu
  • would it be possible to have a tear down view from the front as a wallpaper; from the screen view? where can i find it if its already around..

    Haaziq ipkbHaaziq ipkbHari Yang lalu
  • Its better the lte version that 5g...interesting

    Albert CaytuiroAlbert CaytuiroHari Yang lalu
  • No

    Anupam KaushikAnupam Kaushik2 hari yang lalu
  • Samsung does the same thing with their flagship TVs. Look up “Samsung Panel Lottery” (it’s like winning a lottery if you get a good panel vs a lower quality one in exact same top tier Samsung TV). Samsung lost me as a customer 5 years ago forever due to that practice and the worlds worst customer service.

    wmm007wmm0073 hari yang lalu
  • me to bought a note 29 ultra but i am not satisfied , it getting hit if charge , and few phone calls it make hit , battery exhausted

    tapu chowdhurytapu chowdhury4 hari yang lalu
  • Samsung has been doing the 2 variants of their phones for a while now its not new there was a few cases where they did a single varient like with the Note 5 and S6 lineups I don't know off the top of my head if there was more models done like this. I don't know why other IDworlds'rs are commenting the same thing about the Note 20 lineup because it's not a national secret that Samsung has 2 variants for their devices one for international use and the other US models. If you don't like the international version get the other instead just be sure that they have the bands that match your carriers bands otherwise it may not work.

    Tagonn's Tech VideosTagonn's Tech Videos5 hari yang lalu
  • my dream phone

    Nusrat JahanNusrat Jahan5 hari yang lalu
  • _They have BALLS at both ends_ 4:16

    Shashank Gowda DShashank Gowda D5 hari yang lalu
  • Samsung fold 2 Z : I'm a joke to you

    Jalal ZinoJalal Zino6 hari yang lalu
  • I really like your videos. A fan of yours from the Philippines. I got mine the LTE version because the 5G version was offered only during the pre-order period. I am disappointed because the LTE version only has 8GB or RAM and exynos in it and the price difference only around 100 dollars. I don't have a choice because the 5G version is no longer available. I really need this note and it's features for my work. I was like got double killed for 8GB RAM and exynos. It would be so nice to have the 5G, Snapdragon 865+ and the 12GB in it. This is my first note to replace my 3 years old CP. The dilemma of NOTE 20 ultra.

    Hajile DJ TVHajile DJ TV8 hari yang lalu
  • Fokin Hypocrite

    Muhammad WasamMuhammad Wasam9 hari yang lalu
  • Dari pada d rusak mah buat aku aja 😌 ,

    Yudi AnggaraYudi Anggara9 hari yang lalu
  • Its hurting me so much 😶

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  • Hi , Not A Wheel Chair Jerry's Wife : **JEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYY!!!!!???!?!!!!**

    Avatar AangAvatar Aang12 hari yang lalu
  • Pls make a video teardown of Lenovo Ligion

    Jerome PascualJerome Pascual12 hari yang lalu
  • As always great video, excellent job!!! I hope Samsung is listening. I was ready to buy Note 20 Ultra but after seeing all of this I am not. This is pure discrimination.

    Edgar PaulkEdgar Paulk13 hari yang lalu
  • Samsung you gotta get your shit together. I am a fan. Although l am not affected coz l can't afford your phones after the S9, l am hurt by the fact that you hurt Zach. Your latest offering are painful pocketwise and daily use. This is unacceptable Sammy. Totally not on

  • He should label this video (ASMR person speaking) like the iCase teardown

    Poopagedon GuyPoopagedon Guy14 hari yang lalu
  • Samsung are sketchy as hell now. 10 years of Android smartphones since the first galaxy s... Just bought an rog phone 3 after my S9+ was smashed. They did it to themselves lol

    Kermit N FKermit N F14 hari yang lalu
  • Being a tad bit dramatic

    Yee !Yee !14 hari yang lalu
  • I have the international version of the note 20 ultra, the wide angle & zoom lenses & native Dex make up for any scamsung chip shenanigans. Where I live the temp rarely goes over 16°C so no problemo for, a Samsung fan boi.

    dan daredan dare14 hari yang lalu
  • This is hilarious like wasting 1300 dollar😂😂😂😂

    Jevay AlvaradoJevay Alvarado14 hari yang lalu
  • If Samsung continues to do the same thing on and on i am afraid that the company would land on the place were lg , Motorola and Lenovo is

    Jai Magnus ShaktawatJai Magnus Shaktawat15 hari yang lalu
  • Great hardware review i will think twice next year before buying a newer phone i have the snapdragon version the only issue i have with the phone is the focusing issue with camera when taking a close up picture plus samsung drop the price 200 dollars too quickly

    green parrotgreen parrot15 hari yang lalu
  • Could Samsung confirm this?? I'm in Indonesia too, the price would be the same all around the world, but different specifications and I think that's sucks!! I don't think to upgrade to Samsung again if it keeps going like this. It will be my last Samsung Note 20. To Samsung from your fans, Hansen.

    Hansen Artajaya, S.MHansen Artajaya, S.M15 hari yang lalu
  • you actually make money from these videos?

    dean jamesdean james16 hari yang lalu
  • I cringe so hard whenever you remove a battery. Please people, don’t do it they way he is unless you want a fire. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    ricercr44ricercr4417 hari yang lalu
  • If i had a 1$ for every time he says 1300$ I'll have 1300$

    AbdulrahmanAbdulrahman17 hari yang lalu
  • Ulan keltoş güzelim telefonu fullofoş ettin degişik

  • wait so this phone will have cooling problems?

    CrAz3y4ChRiStCrAz3y4ChRiSt17 hari yang lalu
  • Menangis aku melihatnya Kapan bisa beli yah 😭😭

    Setiawan 'Setiawan '17 hari yang lalu
  • Jerry i would like to see you fix all the phone after the teardown

    Luís MiguelLuís Miguel17 hari yang lalu
  • no standard samsung expensive quality...beutiful outside but inside is rubbish..similar to sony smartphone..go for iphone and huawei for good build quality and long term to use...

    haceshazelhaceshazel18 hari yang lalu
  • Exynos is the only part where I gave up buying this phone.. since I am from India and a huge techy.. that's the biggest trade-off for me.. no to note20 ultra.. I regret note buying !note 9 when they were available

    Being SarcasticBeing Sarcastic18 hari yang lalu
  • I guess we know why it boils over. Non paste, non cooling pad, no chamber & no heatsink. Its amazing this doesn't spontaneously burst into flames every hour. I don't think the actual plan was to made a phone that was kept cool. Yes, they can use 2 diff chipsets as long sd they tell people. Below board, sort of, but helps keep costs down.

    Don JohnsonDon Johnson20 hari yang lalu
  • Where is pixel 4a video

    shubham chandrakarshubham chandrakar20 hari yang lalu
  • I wish I had the money to get a beast like this :( lol

    Shäd JøeShäd Jøe20 hari yang lalu
  • make a video to Xiaomi Mi 10 ultra👍👍👍👍👍 make a video to Xiaomi Mi 10 ultra👍👍👍👍👍 make a video to Xiaomi Mi 10 ultra👍👍👍👍👍

    Jona SchäferJona Schäfer20 hari yang lalu
  • The question is what do you do with those phones when you're done with them

    Jo ManfredJo Manfred20 hari yang lalu
    • Lool buy the New Version just stay with your phone

      9 Morrison Jr9 Morrison Jr15 hari yang lalu
  • Samsung S and note selling in Europe they use Exynos chip or Snapdragon chip? Thanks

    Thông LêThông Lê21 hari yang lalu
  • Click there to start use last pass if you want to lose all your passwords when they get hacked! Why would you use a simple local app, better give your pass to those you don't know, because.. why not!?

    MeandMe699MeandMe69922 hari yang lalu
  • Samsung missed up alot this time around although we do have the snapdragon here ,but..... apple devices don't have cooling champer either 🙃🙃🙃🙃

    Osama AlbadaniOsama Albadani22 hari yang lalu
  • yeah um, good luck repairing that phone

    Roasting PotatoesRoasting Potatoes23 hari yang lalu
  • I would say that lack of cooling would be more suitable for Eskimos processor...

    MinusNoirMinusNoir23 hari yang lalu
  • .

    Ranganath VaishnavRanganath Vaishnav23 hari yang lalu
  • please make a video on Rhino Sheild Temper Glass which is Unbelievable temper glass for Shock Proof 3D impact temper glass.

    Subham BanikSubham Banik23 hari yang lalu
  • please make a video on Rhino Sheild Temper Glass which is Unbelievable temper glass for Shock Proof 3D impact temper glass.

    Subham BanikSubham Banik23 hari yang lalu
  • I've thought a lot about why my smartphone dreams don't come true! And today I watched 3-5 videos from your IDworlds channel, about you and your actions, I realized who is killing my dreams ...

    Ganiyev FarhodGaniyev Farhod23 hari yang lalu
  • I was in a mind to buy it but after seeing no copper cooling chamber I change my mind And also agree with you that a same name phone with different specs at different places is ridiculous

    Sagar BhosaleSagar Bhosale24 hari yang lalu
  • I'm just wondering.... How much does this phone cost?

    Xtasy in KaosXtasy in Kaos24 hari yang lalu
  • Samsung is just focusing on profit and not at all bothered about the quality of the products they provide to the customers nowadays. Disappointed at samsung trying to fool people by providing low quality cheap products to customers for very high prices 😡

    Jithin RajJithin Raj24 hari yang lalu
  • Would you recommend the note 20 ultra over the s20 plus? I mostly care about just the camera but would love to have your advice about witch one to get. My s9 plus is in need of being put out of its misery lol

    Kaitlyn RasnakeKaitlyn Rasnake25 hari yang lalu
  • I'm thinking about switching from Samsung as well. They just don't make em like they used to.

    Garrett LGarrett L25 hari yang lalu
  • My eyes cant see the phone itself being destroyed😬😭

    Miles AwayMiles Away25 hari yang lalu
  • Holy molly! When he started to destroy the phone, I also started to cringe or something. Maybe it's because I dont have a phone but it's expensive men I cant even afford to buy a budget phone even Im working!

    Miles AwayMiles Away25 hari yang lalu
  • Me : what should I expect for $ 1300 samsung phone? Samsung : a phone with some excesive glue and lots and lots of tiny bals Me : 😑 You suck😑

    kuntul burungkuntul burung25 hari yang lalu
  • Why did u tear this phone too brutal?Atleast this is heart breaking to see. Even all other phone teardowns r not this brutal...😭😭😭 Atleast there is room for selling these samsung phones...That is better than doing sh*t with Samsung...

    Fast RushmanFast Rushman25 hari yang lalu
  • Samsung is playing with us 😂😂

    Abhishek OlkhaAbhishek Olkha25 hari yang lalu
  • Does the Note 20 Ultra has 5G mmwave antenna and sub antenna?Is it really a 5G phone?

    dalllvindalllvin25 hari yang lalu
  • Last pass work good 👍

  • Why does the back of the phone not feel like glass?

    carolyn worleycarolyn worley26 hari yang lalu
  • Can you give a away your past durability to your subcriber please i want want😢

    Michael's VlogsMichael's Vlogs27 hari yang lalu
  • glad I got the snapdragon

    Xavier Superflyy69Xavier Superflyy6927 hari yang lalu
  • Just unplugs like a little lego

    RemisssRemisss27 hari yang lalu
  • What's Technology This Display Bro

    Chhatrapathi ShivajiChhatrapathi Shivaji27 hari yang lalu
  • Samsung is the worst.

    Corporate Laws MentorCorporate Laws Mentor27 hari yang lalu
  • Samsung now be like china phone

    Dika KurniawanDika Kurniawan27 hari yang lalu
  • Are we just gonna ignore that his Google account name is Not-a-Wheelchair

    Jotaro KujoJotaro Kujo28 hari yang lalu
    • @Oness lol

      Jotaro KujoJotaro Kujo4 jam yang lalu
    • Does that means his wife doesn't ride him?

      OnessOness9 jam yang lalu
  • Hey Jerry, I wanna ask, Why do samsung phones get black or white dots on screens and pink lines? I've S7edge with a pink line and I know couple of other people with same issues on their samsungs not limited to S7 but S8, S9, Note 9 etc.?

    Ali RazaAli Raza28 hari yang lalu
  • Maybe it doesn't need it ?

    Richard AlfaroRichard Alfaro28 hari yang lalu
  • Yep not goanna buy a samsung till they stop pushing their exynos bs towards rest of the world and keep Snapdragon in US. no apple too. OnePlus has also had its issues in the recent past. Who else is left now :/

    Ishaan VardeIshaan Varde28 hari yang lalu
  • If it was me i will change the storage system 2 terabyte is good enough for me ☺

    Henry obakaHenry obaka29 hari yang lalu
  • the HONG KONG version with snapdragon has a copper or graphite ??

    محمد الشاذلي - Mohammed Al-shathiliمحمد الشاذلي - Mohammed Al-shathili29 hari yang lalu
  • To think how much it costs samsung to make each unit of their flagships. They probably laugh big time when the winnings come in while the end user feels special because he has the top of the line. And it is sketchy for sure. Whoever regulates that customers get a fair trade for their money are dropping the ball.

    Jose BarberenaJose Barberena29 hari yang lalu
  • Let's call it what it is, FRAUD!

    Jake ManfredsonJake Manfredson29 hari yang lalu
  • Can you fix it jerry everything?? After this much of teardown??😲😲

    Please Suscribe MePlease Suscribe Me29 hari yang lalu
  • Is this teardown video or Durability test also?😂🤣

    Please Suscribe MePlease Suscribe Me29 hari yang lalu
  • Man the note 20 ultra looks weird on the inside

    ias eatsitias eatsit29 hari yang lalu
  • Samsung M51 explain

    Jayant PatelJayant PatelBulan Yang lalu
  • is that phone made in india ?

    сурадж cypaджсурадж cypaджBulan Yang lalu
  • Cara vc é um idiota de marca maior

    Giovane Sousa TortoGiovane Sousa TortoBulan Yang lalu
  • Doesn’t anybody have an estimate of how much the note 20 ultra will cost in 6 months?

    Dani_ODani_OBulan Yang lalu
  • I bought a note 9 not long after buying my note 8, and I can see and feel the difference between the two on workmanship. The note 8 is much better.

    Paul BenedictPaul BenedictBulan Yang lalu
  • Please review the XCOVER Pro.

    Greg WeignerGreg WeignerBulan Yang lalu
  • .

    shabeh alrehshabeh alrehBulan Yang lalu
  • Brother Jerry, give me a video of the vandalism of different mobiles every few days. I'm poor. If you can donate a mobile to me, you are very rich. You can give me a mobile, please. I will always be grateful to you

    Faysal Islam NiloyFaysal Islam NiloyBulan Yang lalu
  • Watching from Cebu, Philippines 🇵🇭 💖

    Godo BrokeGodo BrokeBulan Yang lalu
  • Shame on you SAMSUNG

    nicholas orrnicholas orrBulan Yang lalu
  • Why in the hell you didn't open the mainboard to let us see what processor actually in it? Is it samsung scam or zack's scam. I don't know who to believe

    luthfy baftimluthfy baftimBulan Yang lalu
  • Display bahut hi patla he

    Avinash KumarAvinash KumarBulan Yang lalu
  • Please do Galaxy Tab S7+ I remember how iPad snapped in half. Hope Samsung does better.

    Anish PrakashAnish PrakashBulan Yang lalu
  • It is sketchy and similar to hyping up 5g though there is basically NOOOO 5g ANYWHERE! MORE disturbing is lack of adequate thermal dissipation. Just imagine what's happening to the components when the back of your phone feels hot. Maybe Samsung needs to invent and install a micro airconditioner that could condense back onto the processor, cooling down. Lol. Samsung.. SHAMEFUL. I'm going to get a midrange phone or a rugged phone next.. As long as camera decent, it's HD, and I can drop it without feeling my blood pressure rise. That's what matters most.. I don't need the flagship worry anymore. Baying the phone and making sure nothing happens to it.

    Stephen LoudenStephen LoudenBulan Yang lalu
  • Do poco x3 plssss plssss

    Venkata varbhanVenkata varbhanBulan Yang lalu
  • New Samsung m51 has snapdragon. Its because of the regional policy with India, we have that bs exynos.

    Abhishek SangavikarAbhishek SangavikarBulan Yang lalu
  • This might sound weird but Jerry rig everything is like educational asmr

    Lewis DarrochLewis DarrochBulan Yang lalu
    • @bacon froyo it means autonomous sensory meridian response

      Lewis DarrochLewis DarrochBulan Yang lalu
    • What does asmr mean?

      bacon froyobacon froyoBulan Yang lalu
  • seeing the front glass for the first time is kinda cool

    Anish KandhiAnish KandhiBulan Yang lalu
  • Do the Galaxy Fold2 tear down Zacky! Heard they improved last year models hinge design & screen ratio hehe!

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