RedMagic 5G Teardown! - How does the Cooling Fan work?

12 Mei 2020
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Not all gaming phones are created equal... especially on the inside. This Brand new RedMagic 5G gaming phone has a FAN inside. Making it one of the coolest looking phones weve taken apart in awhile. This little motorized hurricane sucks in air from one side to cool the processor (And other random mother board chips) And spits the hot air out the other side of the phone. Today we are going to take apart the Red Magic 5G and see what makes it work from the inside. We'll take a look at the Turbo Cooling fan inside of the Android smartphone, and see if the RedMagic 5g can withstand being taken apart and reassembled. And yes. The fan indeed sucks air in through one side and out the other.
RedMagic 5G Durability Test is HERE:

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