Can you Safari in a Wheelchair?! - Motorized Chair Mod!

11 Peb 2020
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Today we find out if Cambry's chair can go on a Safari! Check out the Bill and Melinda Gates Annual Letter here!: And thanks to Bill and Melinda for sponsoring this video. We knew we were headed to Africa, so we decided to check out this electric wheelchair mod called the Firefly. Its super expensive, but if it helped Cambry get around on rough roads and dirt trails, it would be totally worth it! Come with us as we check out this strange wheelchair contraption. Spoiler alert... its a bit over priced for what it can accomplish: But it is really good in specific scenarios.
Check out Dan's video here!
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  • She's fun much could she weight? Any guesses?

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  • Hi, would "the rig" work better in that environment?

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  • Molten salt sounds OK. The rest of the greenwash (including wind turbines making billions for landowners) you can stick. The technology for scrubbing coal fired power stations fumes has now been perfected, so no need to desicrate more wild spaces with wind turbines (including the sea) and rare earth mines for the electricals (northern Norway wilderness).

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  • Hej! I've been watching your videos just for a little while, but I started with the Rig, the "not-a-wheelchair".... Could I ask you how you would compare these two? Your Rig with the Firefly? Cheers! (I know they are greatly different, I'm interested in the versatility of being small with the accessibility of being big)

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  • Zack and Cambry, next time you are around, visit a guy called Lincoln. He makes the electric wheelchairs from recycled materials. He uses lithium ion batteries that are to be disposed. His wheel chairs and scooters are great. Cheaper for the Kenyan user.

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