iPhone SE (2020) Teardown! - Lets talk about Vibrators...

5 Mei 2020
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The new iPhone SE is here! Show off the insides on the outsides with my Teardown skin HERE: dbrand.com/iphone-teardown This 2nd generation iPhone SE has gotten alot of attention for being a super inexpensive iPhone while still being competitive with other 2020 devices. Today we are going to take apart the iPhone SE to see how it works from the inside, and how the vibrator functions. Apple has designed their own Proprietary Taptic Engine for Haptic Feedback, and its time we took a look from the inside.
Watch the iPhone SE 2020 Durability test here: idworlds.info/from/ltSLmNWYqp5omMk/video
Watch the Laser back glass repair HERE: idworlds.info/from/ss9mg8ibfGmiqMU/video
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  • Does it have a mechanical home button

    Sony A7 3 ShotsSony A7 3 Shots39 menit yang lalu
  • Can i have a phone from u even it have defects but still can perform for online class. Thank you

    Leanne FrancesLeanne Frances8 jam yang lalu
  • Not going below 6.5 inch on the screen....not happening...

    AH AHAH AH14 jam yang lalu
  • With $500 you can buy samsung s20 FE lmao. Samsung s20 FE is MUCH MUCH better then this....

    just klakly44just klakly44Hari Yang lalu
  • Samsung’s Gangbang

    CA Abhey GuptaCA Abhey GuptaHari Yang lalu
  • On every ipone video there's a samsung ad😂

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  • Doing a good job saving the environment. _Proceeds to remove charger and sell it back producing even more carbon_ emissions but *sAvInG tHe eNvIorMeNT*

    Muhummad Siraj KhanMuhummad Siraj Khan2 hari yang lalu
  • 2:58 sound tremor

    Naman BananiNaman Banani2 hari yang lalu
  • I’m watching this video on an I phone se and I can feel the vibration

    Wallofshiba -Wallofshiba -2 hari yang lalu
  • 0:15 I like how you almost called Emergency SOS. "911, Whats your emegency? Phone: HELP ME, JERRYRIGEVERYTHING IS DOING A TEARDOWN. AHHH-"

    SarludeSarlude2 hari yang lalu
    • Omg omg I'm dying ahhh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Thiss is so funny 😝🤣

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  • "I don't know what this thing does but its probably important." Idk that was so funny to me. The rhymes with Samsung too lol.

    Josiah TitusJosiah Titus3 hari yang lalu
  • Currently watching this on the SE, felt like a good choice getting this phone despite my stipulations against iPhones. Good stuff Jerry!

    Tripper flipperTripper flipper4 hari yang lalu
  • Me

    Ghelo MagpantayGhelo Magpantay4 hari yang lalu
  • You may mock it but when I went from a normal haptic to the Taptic Engine it really added some joy to everyday little things! I love it as a feature 😁

    Matthew KeffordMatthew Kefford4 hari yang lalu
  • "Just like a little lego" this line has it's seperate fan base.😂😂

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  • Heading to the dark side!

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  • Here because of Flipkart big billion day sale

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  • 02:16 that’s what she said

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  • The cheapest iPhone has better haptics than the most expensive Android.

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  • that title taken out of context is rlly dirty

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  • The noise those battery tabs make is horrible

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  • Zack, I’ve gone back to Apple due to this device. I have my AirPods, iPad Mini, and MacBook Air as well. You’re right, it’s a slippery slope.

    Michael CainMichael Cain8 hari yang lalu
  • I had this phone 2 days and it was utter dog shit,took it back and got the Samsung s20 ultra plus,far superior

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  • I know you hate Samsung

    Anime SenseiAnime Sensei9 hari yang lalu
    • His main phone is a Note 10 +

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  • This IPhone really is making think of switching mainly for the water resistance and the security.

    MeMasterTankerMeMasterTanker10 hari yang lalu
  • As an Android user, I did buy this phone because no other company made good quality phones with small screens.

    Pratyusha ReddyPratyusha Reddy10 hari yang lalu
    • I wish we back to 5-6 inch screens. We're nearly hitting 7 inches on some phones which is too big

      Rix ZinRix Zin8 hari yang lalu
  • “let’s talk about vibrators” hmm....

    Joshua GoutamaJoshua Goutama11 hari yang lalu
  • Hi awesome video

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  • battery pulltaps makes my left side of my brain ticklish

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  • Lmao im the newest comment right now

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  • What a clean and clam voice..😌😌

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  • Am using iPhone 8plus bah men.... the A13 Bionic is tempting me bro 😖

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  • Watching this with my se

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  • Giveaway

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  • “I am not gonna name it but it Rhymes with Samsung” 😂😂😂

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  • Is it possible to plant iPhone 8 mother board into say iphone7 or something?😅

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  • Let’s talk about vibrators.... Are you ok Jerry?

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  • can you do durability test on pixel 4a....please

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  • That’s how they got me man! I bought an iPhons 8, then the 8 Plus because I liked the bigger size, then an Apple Watch then AirPods like 2 weeks later. Now, I’m full blown Apple. 😒

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  • battery adhesive ASMR

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  • guess what. i DID switch from android. went from a samsung a50 to this bad larry. it’s AWESOME!! way better then the a50

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  • How can he say this sentence!??! That's the first time I have heard him say that "I don't know what this thing does"

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  • Let's see Daisy

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  • Why didn't Jerry tear down the pixel 4a this time?

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  • They should make a 5.5 inch version.

    SAGiTTARiUS o4SAGiTTARiUS o415 hari yang lalu
  • I used to be an Apple user for years then changed to Android 5 years ago. Just now switched back to the iPhone SE.

    Jonas J.Jonas J.15 hari yang lalu
  • No reason to switch

    its.g2_its.g2_15 hari yang lalu
  • So basically you want to say that Apple make a vibrator to satisfy there Customers.... 🔥 ..... So that's why I see some influencers on Instagram upload selfies with their iPhone in bathroom. 😱

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  • Hey! Jerry this phone made in India

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  • No

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  • So, as a none iPhone user, who has a partner who likes apple and wants one for Xmas... She has an iphone 8. is this an upgrade to the iphone 8 or just an iphone 8 re-released?

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  • That title

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  • This channel is the best. He is the best. I repaired a lot of phones thanks to this guy.

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  • the iphone's gonna last for 4-5 years flawlessly, but can an android do it? I think nope...

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  • "I'm not naming any names, but it rhymes with Samsung" Apply cold water to that burn, Sammy.

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  • If the battery is better, it is worth the price

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  • Are you married Jerry?

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  • "Apple feels very strongly about good vibrations." Perfect line right there.

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  • Watching this on an se

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  • is it possible to upgrade the display on the phone since it can be removed

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  • I’m watching this with my new iPhone se

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  • i have galaxy a50 for a year now and next year i will be getting 128GB SE 2020

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  • What do you do to those teared up but still working phones??

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  • I actually bought this phone and it is amazing. Highly recommend it

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  • 1:25 So funny

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  • Jerry: "Some manufacturers make their battery replacement impossible by glueing their batteries permanently on the phone, I don't to name any names but it rimes with Samsung" Me: lol still casually says it XD 🤣

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    • I don’t mean to be that guy, but it’s rhymes. I’m sry. 😂

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  • Jerry:Takes apart the phone very carefully so it can be put back together Also jerry:Rips the Taptic engine apart

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  • Watching on i phone se 2020😂

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  • If there was a SE 2020 Plus. I would buy over iPhone 11, bc right now I want iPhone 8 Plus with new Hardware.

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  • When he said "It rhymes with Samsung" I paused the vid, died laughing, and then checked the comments knowing it would be full of this!

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  • If they made iphone se+ that would be awesome

  • bald genuis hunk works around with vibrators

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  • I really love how we get an official up rating and also the Qi charge. The se is dope, quickly becoming my favorite phone I have ever had. All I’ve ever bought are flagship android phones before this SE 2020 so gonna be a hard move but that just shows how much I enjoy this thing. It is lightning fast... no joke

    Mark MooreMark Moore27 hari yang lalu
    • It’s crazy how fast Apple phones are, I’m still sitting on my XS Max waiting for the 12 and it’s faster than my buddy’s brand new S20 Ultra. 😂😂😂

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  • not gonna name names but it rhymes with Samsung me scratching my head thinking what rhymes with Samsung

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    • That joke is way too outdated lol

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    • Either they're glued in or fall into 3 separate pieces, it's all depending on how much you paid. Yay. I don't miss my Galaxy Core Prime.

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    • i- stoppppppp

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  • Let's talk vibrators

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  • I switched to apple after years of androids simply because they have smaller phones. I don’t like carrying around a mini tablet in my pocket😂

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  • The title is kind of inappropriate

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  • I m impressed!

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  • Used Samsung phones for 10+ years and switched to the iPhone SE and I love mine!

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    • How is the experience with the screen and the small battery? Iam curious cause iam looking into buying one.

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  • Hey jerry do new Iphones come with the whole apple suite, like papers, slides, and garage band and imovie preinstalled?

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    • Lucky, still stuck in hell

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  • I switched last week from android. beside the multitasking split-screen, I miss nothing and it's not a deal-breaker since I use it not so often.

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