iPhone SE (2020) Durability Test - Reasonably... Reasonable?

26 Apr 2020
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The iPhone SE 2020 is Apples cheapest phone yet. But is it durable? Grab your dbrand Grip case here: dbrand.com/iphone-se-grip To the shock of everyone Apple has just made a reasonably priced smartphone. And its time to see what its physically made of. Using the Apple iPhone 8 body, and putting all the latest hardware inside like some kind of electronic Frankenstein - We have the 399 dollar iPhone SE 2nd generation. Does having a smaller 399 phone effect your desire to have apples 1000 dollar flagship? They kinda do the exact same things…
What is Apples 'Sapphire' Made of?: idworlds.info/from/wN1mnLbPrYxoh68/video
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  • 4:39 jumpscare!

    dekumuu ddekumuu d4 menit yang lalu
  • It Hurts to watch this

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  • oh my god !!!!!!!

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  • Funny story... same phone and same color

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  • And now we wait for the iPhone 12

    Rispar AwuorRispar Awuor15 jam yang lalu
  • HELP. S.O.S I use this phone and it's durability is great...and 1 question did u say the screen is scratch resistance so does it mean no need for screen guard lamination???

    Sam XxSam Xx16 jam yang lalu
  • If u add everything up it’s basically 500 apple is sum cap ass niggas🤣

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  • This company: @t, have literally just copied MOUS and have called it something else...

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  • If u didn’t scratch the camera then u coulda gave me the phone. - sent from ipod nano

    logan bettislogan bettisHari Yang lalu
  • iPhone 9 or se2 is just a hoax. It’s just a newer ver of the iPhone 8

    FadedX312FadedX312Hari Yang lalu
  • Nice phone👍🏻

    Laura RodriguezLaura RodriguezHari Yang lalu
  • ZachJerryRig: *scratches the metal with a razor blade* My ears:

    RedRedHari Yang lalu
  • Me: You scratch my back. I scratch you back Jerry: You scratch my back. I scratch your phone

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  • I’ve got the se and it is 💯 present worth it

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  • 0:37 One of the most satisfying moments of all time.

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  • All I like to do with a Phone is unboxing it a looking at it brand new.

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  • It iphone se 2020 is yes and no😀😭

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  • This channel being sponsored by a phone case is the last thing I could think of

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  • Rigging such a cute smartphone is cruel

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  • Plz gift iphone se 2020 🥺🥺

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  • Do you smoke?

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  • Ok, you all wanna know why there is no iPhone 9? And don't worry, the answer is not 7 ate 9. Here is the answer. Read more

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  • The iPhone XR is now $399 at Walmart

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  • the screen isnt resistant for scratches and i wish it is !

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  • Try to be honest everyone is here for 5:45 main reason lol 😝

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  • Always cutaway from yourself

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  • It would be faster to plug your phone into a hamster jerry

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  • I would love to see it's competitor durability/teardown. The pixel 4a! Please vote this up👍

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  • I want eant

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  • This feels like the iPhone 9

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  • bro don't do this ,i love this phone, better you give me one .

    Pronab SarkerPronab Sarker3 hari yang lalu
  • Yess I thought my phone was somehow another 400$ apple ripoff!!

    Nominy parodyNominy parody3 hari yang lalu
  • Ah, the good old days when they included the charger with the phone

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  • Can’t wait to see what he does to the iPhone 12 lol i

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  • Watching this with headphones makes me cringe when he scratches the aluminum 😭

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  • Wow this is such a nice phone *let me destroy it for money and then buy the phone again to keep with the money I earn*

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  • This gave me anxiety

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  • He could've given me the phone and i would take care of it

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  • Watching on my iPhone as 2020

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  • What’s up with his thumb?

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  • I got that phone

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  • That's a nice phone... if you dont mind being in the Apple ecosystem. It's been years since I owned an iPhone... do you still have to use iTunes? If so, I'm ok staying away. No thanks to iTunes.

    DeusExAstraDeusExAstra5 hari yang lalu
  • After dropping my 6S down the toilet for 2 seconds, I’m glad to know my new SE will survive such a swim

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  • Me watching this on my iPhone 8 thinking isn’t that a iPhone 8

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  • I love how Zack peels the plastic off carefully like he’s not going to ruin the phone in 10 mins

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  • This video gives me anxiety

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  • Wtf was that at the end 4:38

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    • Me!

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  • All the h reviews for iphone always get product red

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  • 2:26

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  • I cry how he is anialating it and I'm barely about to afford one in black for the first time in my 13 years😪😂

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  • Hope You’ve Pre-Ordered iPhone 12 range

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  • بطني وجعتني والله 😂

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  • Nice iphone 8

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  • Do you plan on giving the phone away

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  • he really just took his lighter and lit a 300 DOLLAR PHONE ON FIRE

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  • It looks like a 7

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  • This is so cringe he is destroying a 399 dollar ahhhhhh

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  • I’m watching with that same exact phone and feel pain same colour everything

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  • Thanks to *appledwag on IG* I got my apple phone from him

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  • I so want one of these. I been using a samsung galaxy J3 Star for over 5 years now and can't afford a new phone do to losing my job to covid. Do you ever do giveaways ?

    Jod3nJod3n9 hari yang lalu
    • That's rough. Carriers have some good deals in the us for lower end/mid range phones. Boost mobile is offering the Moto Gfast for $89. I'll be honest and say you probably won't win any giveaways

      Rix ZinRix Zin9 hari yang lalu
  • That’s one tough phone 📱

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  • Pixal 4a

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  • Pixal 4a durability test...

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  • I still prefer the home button

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  • When is Apple goin to put AirPods in phone box’s instead of wire headphones

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    • Probably not lol

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  • 2020 iPhone SE ($400) 4.7 inch HD screen 1800 mAh battery 5w charger in box No Expandable memory 2 cameras 2012 bezels My Moto G 5G plus (£300) 5.7 inch 1080p screen (90hz) 5000 mAh battery 20W charger in box Expandable memory 2 front cameras 4 rear cameras (48MP main) Pretty much no bezels 5G

    Mastar AnimationsMastar Animations10 hari yang lalu
  • Only a 5 watt charger, but at this price point I'll try not to complain. Boi my £300 Motorola came with a 20w charger

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  • Jesus is lord

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  • IPhone please stopped this man

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  • I brought iPhone SE after watching your durability test. Thanks you so much.

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  • Hey I got an iPad mini if u want to do a durability test on it lol I know it’s old but it will give you a video I’ll sell it to ya

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  • No I wouldn’t buy a 1000 dollar iPhone after buying the se 2020 lol

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  • Pretty bad to just buy a phone then crack it after i’ll...

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  • Should I buy this to have apple's jailhouse ticket and cant get out anymore?

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  • His voice is so nurturing

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  • This is the most unsatisfying video ever

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  • Stop scrapping the edges of the phone

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  • Silver

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  • At least he wasn’t dumb enough to smash the phone completely,and that’s good i’d say

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  • Can You Give me This cracked phone.. I have no any iphone and Iphone is my Dream phone 🙏😢😢

  • Instead of breaking, why you don't help people fix it? Create a channel called JerryFixEverything (also, he attacks more the overpriced phones rather than these)

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  • Don't need to damage this phone...plzz give me this phone

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  • some people say he is proving that this iphone is good. Some people say he's just trying to get our nerves go up (me)

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  • It's painful for me to watch someone destroy a really good phone when I have an 8 year old iPhone 5

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  • This hurts me so much knowing I can't afford it

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  • White

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  • 2:27 R.I.P ears

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