Mi Note 10 Durability Test! - 5 cameras for under $500?

9 Mar 2020
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Its time to durability test the Mi Note 10! Huge thanks to Norton 360 for sponsoring a portion of this video! Get up to 60% off your first year HERE: bit.ly/2VV7yIO Xiaomi hasnt always survived my durability tests. Its time to see if their new Mi Note 10 Pro can handle the abuse of every day life. We'll start off with a scratch test on the Note 10 to see what the screen, back glass, and camera lenses are made from. The Mi Note 10 Pro has 5 camera lenses on the back, including a Macro camera for close up shots.
Watch the Mi Note 10 Teardown HERE: idworlds.info/from/1Mp-rrKWiamGfM0/video
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  • I Spend My Most of the Time in "Recording","Gameplay","Editing"And "Uploading".I Need A support of All My Brothers And Sisters!!🙏..........😭😭😢😭🥺😭

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  • I Spend My Most of the Time in "Recording","Gameplay","Editing"And "Uploading".I Need A support of All My Brothers And Sisters!!🙏..........😭😭😢😭🥺😭

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  • I Spend My Most of the Time in "Recording","Gameplay","Editing"And "Uploading".I Need A support of All My Brothers And Sisters!!🙏..........😭😭😢😭🥺😭

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  • I Spend My Most of the Time in "Recording","Gameplay","Editing"And "Uploading".I Need A support of All My Brothers And Sisters!!🙏..........😭😭😢😭🥺😭

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