Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Durability Test! - Is it... Ultra Strong?

6 Mar 2020
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Its time to see if the Galaxy S20 Ultra can live up to its name. Grab your TEARDOWN Skin HERE: The with the word 'Ultra' in its name, the Galaxy S20 Ultra sounds like the biggest, baddest, best smartphone on the market. But... in reality, it is a great combination of specs, but they are all specs weve seen before in other phones. There is nothing *new* with the S20 Ultra; nothing more than the incremental step forward we always get with new devices. But with that incremental improvement, the price took a huge hike. One small step for phones, but a giant leap for your wallet. ha. Just thought that up myself.
Get your TEARDOWN Skin HERE:
Samsung Z Flip durability test:
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