iPhone 11 Pro Max Durability Test - Back Glass Scratches?

23 Sep 2019
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Its time to durability test the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Snag some protection for your phone with dbrand: dbrand.com/robot The Apple says that the new iPhone 11 Pro has the toughest glass on a smartphone... but they didnt say anything about it acting like a chalk board. The new iPhone 11 has a subtle frosted textured glass, and in todays durability test we are going to see how that piece of glass handles different materials. Keys, coins, and razorblades are going to come in contact with the new iPhone 11 Pro Max. The results might surprise you.
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  • Bypass my iCloud with the help of *Acetech360* on *|•n•s•t•a•g•r•a•m* I highly recommend him. .

  • I'm grateful to *Acetech360* on *¡.n.s.t.a.G.r.a.m* he help unlocked my iPhone 11 pro he's legit

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