2020 Moto RAZR Durability Test! - Will the Folding Icon Survive!?

8 Peb 2020
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Its time to durability test the Moto Razr! Get your first audiobook and two Audible Originals for free when you try Audible for 30 days visit www.audible.com/jerryrig or text "jerryrig" to 500 500! Thanks to Audible for sponsoring this video. The new folding Motorola Razr phone is here. That same iconic folding flip phone that all the cool kids had is BACK. And this time it has a fully flexible 6.2 inch folding screen. But how much abuse can it handle? Will the new razr break in half the first time you snap it shut for a phone call? What happens if you accidentally try to bend the Razr phone back the wrong direction? Is the Motorola Razr Dust proof? All these questions and more will be answered in todays durability test.
Galaxy Fold durability test: idworlds.info/from/2r90n8OqmmKKY9k/video
Flexpai Durability Test: idworlds.info/from/vsmofsi6i62Uhs0/video
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  • Great man It's made in India

    VijayVijay13 menit yang lalu
  • zack should start scratching the camera with level 9 and then seeing what it looks from the phone's camera app

    outrageous drifteroutrageous drifter57 menit yang lalu
  • CRINGE That hurts watching.

    solarsynapsesolarsynapse13 jam yang lalu
  • Is the retro razr feature can only make call on it I never my calls on my phone I just watch IDworlds videos and play games on it because my mom is to cheap to a phone bill for me.

    Alex BromwellAlex BromwellHari Yang lalu
  • So if the galaxy Z flip is cheaper than why is it better?

    Alex BromwellAlex BromwellHari Yang lalu
    • I guess samsung just cares about there customers.

      Alex BromwellAlex BromwellHari Yang lalu
  • So I just showed this video to my roommate because I wanted her to see a video of this phone because she's never heard of it. This was hilarious,

    Tyler MaloneTyler MaloneHari Yang lalu
  • You can use apps on the front small screen. Even youtube and text messages.

    MatrixAlphaCWXMatrixAlphaCWX2 hari yang lalu
  • I folded my wallet after i heard the price. No thanks

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  • I fall asleep listening to this kid...goodness ,,,mr no charisma is so boring

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  • This phone is cool but the price can never be justified. Same goes for the Samsung Folds. A Plastic screen is just not okay for something so expensive Like wtf, why would anyone spend $1500 - $2000 on a phone that will break as soon as they leave their house.

    Trayce MartineauTrayce Martineau2 hari yang lalu
  • “And the headphone dongle”

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  • Nails on a chalkboard... well I wonder why 🥴

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  • The opening line to this video is so pre Covid. I miss those times.

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  • “Phones are the most abused peace of tech on the planet” Any device with geometry dash, hold my beer

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  • is this guy crazy

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  • So Which phone should I pick if I water a new phone: razor or and Samsung z flip 🤔 😅 I am not sure, which has more durability???

    Jay homJay hom5 hari yang lalu
    • * Want*

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  • If you're gonna possibly scratch the screen, this phone is not for you. *But if you wanna set it on fire.....*

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  • You think you know what will happen in 2020? Think again.

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  • paper lcd is broken...

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  • You're just a person with a gorilla brain, who does use phones as you demonstrate?

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  • I wanna cry 😂😂😂

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  • I’ll never understand why people buy these foldable phones

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  • Looks like a 2 year old kid got a hold of it

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  • These videos sadden me when they destroy such expensive phones and I can only afford a $200 phone

    Josh BeaumontJosh Beaumont8 hari yang lalu
    • then go to work

      moke_weed2327moke_weed2327Hari Yang lalu
  • pls do a test of tab s7

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  • Lmao at 4:28 says he’d like to see an iphone attempt to go back to retro but 6 months later you can with the widgets

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  • "The whole thing...dies completely.." *slowly closes phone* "..and its over..." Bruh that was some sad stuff, Zack.

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  • watching your videos is a torture

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  • My Galaxy S8 got scratched when I was drawing it out of my pocket. So this plastic shit will scratch just when you start looking at it.

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  • This is how flagships should be packed. Learn Apple and Samsung, you got fucked!

    IzengrimIzengrim10 hari yang lalu
  • What a sufference hearing the "dust test" 😂

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  • 6:46 MADE IN INDIA, that made me feel proud'

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  • Imagine this phone falling on the beach and getting sand in the side gears

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  • The price ! Nope !

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  • Zero doesnt actually mean ZERO - 0

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  • Now motorola will start hating Jerry beacuse of this razr incident

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  • That's why Motorola didn't sent this phone to Jerry like lg sent their wing

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  • Actually it's not 2020 phone the 2020 phone was launched yesterday or day before yesterday

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  • ghussa bhi hua to apne phone ke saath aisa kaun karta hai bey😂😂😂

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  • they should send u dummy phones that have no internals such a waste lol

    • That would defeat the whole purpose of these videos

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  • I can't justify buying one of these things until the screens get stronger.

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  • 0:00 only if he knew

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  • I'm fan of motorola but that model not worth it for me, THUMBS DOWN.

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  • You know... motorola had a turbocharger and the moto g 6 play uses wireless... charging?

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  • Honestly if this was the size of the original RAZR V3 I would actually be interested, but alas - it's the current year and phones have to be massive.

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  • I see an issue right away! I saw you open it like you where opening an old Razor phone with your thumb which involved your thumbnail rubbing against the screen. This might have been fine with the old one, but given your observation of thumbnail marks there might be a quick onset of these.

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