Dueling Heat Pipes & Pop Up Buttons?! - BlackShark 3 Pro Teardown!

1 Apr 2020
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This might be my most surprising gaming phone tear-down yet! And not just for whats inside the phone... The BlackShark 3 is one of the most interesting gaming smartphones that we've come across this year. Especially with its pop up mechanical buttons. April 1st is a great day eh?
See the BlackShark 3 Durability test here: idworlds.info/from/4J6Fjq-7sJlipc0/video
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  • Plot twist: Jerry turns into a girl if he gets wet....

    MotoEnzMotoEnz2 hari yang lalu
  • Now another person who should sign up for Google assistance I kinda feel bad for Jerry because he never rescued a screen after removing it but Cambryrigeverything did it in her first try

    Poopagedon GuyPoopagedon Guy2 hari yang lalu
  • I feel bad for her, instead of Jerry letting her teardown an easy phone like the Oneplus phones. He chose THIS phone which jerry himself struggles to teardown.

    Poopagedon GuyPoopagedon Guy2 hari yang lalu
  • *Published on Apr 1, 2020*

    TRACBThePlug 2020 [SOC62]TRACBThePlug 2020 [SOC62]3 hari yang lalu
  • I like your April fools 😂 👏

    Auaer AuraerAuaer Auraer5 hari yang lalu
  • Just relized at then end of the video, bunch of signal wire and a metal plate, and a screw, but the phone still woke up, just not with the network xD

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  • Something is off today but i can't quite but my finger on it

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  • If you still have the phone to check, how easy would it be to remove/swap the blue border/triangles around the cameras and back charger port?

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  • Could you make a living on how to open the BlackShark fan? I have one however it is making strange noises I imagine it is dirt on the fan motor

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  • me :do anyone get confused when u count screws jerry :there r 29 screws holding down the metal plate

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  • It hurts seeing someone destroying the devices which i dreamt of

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