The Best Car for Someone in a Wheelchair?! - Our new Tesla Model X!

15 Okt 2019
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The Tesla Model X is one of the coolest cars on the planet, and just so happens to be the perfect car for Cambry. Get 1000 free supercharger miles with our code: We knew that getting in and out of a vehicle would be pretty much the same no matter what car we bought. BUT by getting an electric 'self driving' capable vehicle, we could avoid gas stations, and let Cambry's hands take a break while using the Tesla Autopilot. Not to mention the Smart Summon ablities. No more blocked parking lot spaces! The future of electric cars is looking pretty bright. Yeah, a Tesla is very expensive at the moment, just like all technology, its interesting to know that the technology exists, and will get cheaper and more common with time.
See why Dan Sold this Tesla HERE:
HUGE Thanks to Luxe Auto Spa for protecting the inside of Cambry's new ride:
Learn more of Cambry's story here:
Cambry's Instagram:
Falling asleep on Autopilot?!:
Wrapping Dan's (well... now our) Tesla:
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  • You reside in California, right? Because you can do your jobs pretty much anywhere, what's keeping you and Cambry there? Are you going to join the Calexit movement?

    metimoteometimoteo5 jam yang lalu
  • Our car goes 1100kilomets

    Alex SeindisAlex Seindis20 jam yang lalu
    • No car can go that Fast

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  • 🌸🇺🇸🌸

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  • Sonho de consumo, esse tesla, um abraço, desde Brasil, acabei de me escrever, sucesso

  • Yup amazing car, but it’s for girls 🥺 the S is cooler tho😏

    Ultimatebae 13Ultimatebae 13Hari Yang lalu
  • Cambry, when you had a gasoline car did have you ever have anyone offer to pump your gas for you when they saw you getting your wheel chair out of the car?

    Olli KOlli KHari Yang lalu
  • Why do he speak like our Google translate read out? Loll.

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  • Tesla is crappy customer service and quality build

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  • With the backlash in my car you can just it

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  • Doesn’t she still have to leave her car to charge it

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  • 5:33 when he said my favorite is that it’s quicker, she looked kind of sad/disappointed

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  • How does he stay in that narrating voice the whole time?

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  • Very cool. Ill have to wait for the fully autonomous one. Now I have hope. I'm should install the elevator first.

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  • i really dont think that is his real voice, i want you to scream on the road

    RANA in NIRVANARANA in NIRVANA2 hari yang lalu
  • How’s the height? Your transfers are awesome! I got a ramped car after 6 years of doing this my shoulders weren’t happy.

    Allison WillcoxAllison Willcox2 hari yang lalu
  • You know looking at the video it really makes me want to engineer wheelchairs products for people with disabilities to make their lives a lot easier and less complicated in Daily routines

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  • She is lucky to have you

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  • He's a personal hero

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  • The camera is very durable

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  • Love the nardo grey color on the tesla

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  • Thankfully a lot of gas stations in Canada have 'we serve' service where the workers fill your car.

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  • It’s all fun and games but this turning out to be like the Terminator, lol nah Jk

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  • Cambry you are beautiful inside and out. Jerzac you a good looking man, and a fellow bald man. Both together are a piece of artwork

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  • Gotta say the Model X isn't bad, seems like the combination accelerator/braking handle was pretty easy to put in! The only gripe i have on this video is that you'd think with all of the technology and modern medicine research, why hasn't someone created a wheelchair design that's much easier to unload or load? Plus not having to be disassembled and reassembled several times a day?

    Nathan HeaverloNathan Heaverlo4 hari yang lalu
  • I wonder how people who have disabilities on their lower body get their license, given that not all cars have the hand acceleration gizmo.

    Aditya SivaramAditya Sivaram5 hari yang lalu
  • Awesome you both......great.

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  • I can't trust on autopilot.

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  • If she runs out of juice doesn’t she have to get off the car twice ✌️to plug it into the outlet

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  • Good man. I wish I could be half as good a husband in the future. Beautiful wife too.

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  • Definitely a like, this guy is just amazing for his wife, I love it.

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  • I`m gonna rig a car for a hobby.

  • Gas stations are required to provide an attendant if you request one.

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  • Brother, can you give me a phone? My phone will not workMy phone is an old phone so make fun of everyone can you send me a phone if you can my whatsapp number 8301072783

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  • His wife can't walk?

  • Thank you for making this video, it's amazing how Teslas can make life easier for people with wheelchairs, these are things most of us never consider. Also, shame on people who take up and black handicap spaces!

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  • I love how you take care of her , 🔥🔥🔥

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  • you need to make an motorized wheelchair that can drive up a ramp that goes in the trunk if you can make one :D a ramp that extends in and out :D

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  • It would be awesome if they make wireless charging for electric cars. Probably gonna happen in the future but not the close future lol

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  • How duse she drive

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  • I am going to just throw it out there bcoz i know you already working on an electric wheel chair, foldable on its own. Set up some sort of a auto ramp that can slide in/out of that middle.

    N ZN Z8 hari yang lalu
  • Tesla's are very interesting but I would never want one. Even as a Tech guy I don't like a huge ipad hogging the whole dash. I'd rather have something elegantly designed with knobs and buttons and switches etc. The Tesla interior is just too sterile and cold.

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  • I almost thought you are going to take this Tesla apart...

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  • I hope an unexpected miracle can cure Cramby

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  • Playing devil's advocate here, a tesla has a range that is about half that of a gas powered car, so you will have to stop more often to charge of the tesla then refill the gas tank of a gas powered car.

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  • Now his next two videos are Tesla model x durability test and teardown😂

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