How to Build a School in Africa?! - Thank YOU!!

22 Jan 2020
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WE DID IT! We raised enough to build an ENTIRE SCHOOL in Africa! Thank you so much. And thank you to the WhatsInside Family for putting this in motion. People from all over the world donated into our 'wedding present' and with many small donations we are able to accomplish big things. Come along with Cambry, Me, Dan and his whole family as we go to Kenya in Africa to see what happens with our donations.
If you want to donate, click the link somewhere around this video. Or directly on Koins for Kenya's website:
WhatsInsides' Wedding Present video:
WhatsInside's video here:
Cambry's wedding ring:
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  • I want to build a school in our village also where quality education is totally free, villagers are not get much more opportunities to educate them and maximum of them not realize value of education. One big thing is majority of them always fight with proverty. I am inspired to see you.

    Apel MahmudApel Mahmud16 jam yang lalu
  • Used to get so emotional seeing you break flagships, little did I know it was for a good cause, way to go mr. Baldman

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  • St Patrick came to Africa.

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  • imo zack is the best youtuber, he has a great wife and he gets to do cool things and also actually help other people

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  • This is a platform where the world unites rather than playing politics

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  • Thank you, Jerry, for coming to Kenya and doing some really good work. I have followed you for over a year and did know you came here. Asante sana.

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  • Why do you guys always ship the bad places in africa the are extremely aloft of technological places in africa go to south Africa Cape town also Durban South Africa

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  • I’m Kenyan, and this is so touching

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  • The hand that give totally receive more

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  • This is real love, looking for the needy and give to them Thats awesome 🌟 stuff

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  • i was cry after i watched this video .. most heartbreaking !!

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  • This vid is soooooooooooooo Racist.

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  • I've a question... Why all the kids are bald? Is it a school thing to shave all head? Or some African tradition to be bald? Or to avoid lice bc there's no enough water to shower daily?

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  • Man! When I start earning i surely would donate my part of earnings to Dan's and I would like to help those kids achieve more and more. Thank you for inspiring me Dan and Zack. 👍 Love from India ❤️

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