Vegan Phone Teardown! - Its not as boring as we thought...

25 Mei 2020
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The Find X2 Pro is Oppos latest flagship contender. With its high pricepoint comes some pretty high end specs. Right off the line, this might look like a regular normal everyday flagship smartphone. Yeah its got peach vegan leather on the back, but its also got dual batteries inside, that when charged together can get 100% charged up in just 38 minutes. Accomplishing 65 watts of flash charging is no easy feat. And Oppo seems to have gotten it figured out. I mean... The Oppo Find X2 Pro is not the most interesting phone in the world... but its definitely got some cool secrets hiding inside.
Find X2 Pro Durability Test:
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  • @2:57 My understanding is that it charges them as one in sequence, so it can use a higher voltage without a heat inducing voltage stepdown.....then for the phone to use it they run in parallel. That at least is what I rad about oppo super vooc a few years ago

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  • Здравствуйте, Уважаемый Jerry! Помогите пожалуйста решить мою проблему. Вы делали обзор OPPO FIND X2. у МЕНЯ ТАКОЙ ЖЕ ТЕЛЕФОН, НО С ПОВРЕДИЛ ПЛАТУ НА НЕГО. У Вас есть возможность продать мне плату на данный телефон. Я буду Вам очень благодарен! ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!!!

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  • Correction Jerry, Samsung Note 10 plus and Samsung 20 Ultra can charge at 45 watts.

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