Easiest iPhone Glass Fix - WITH LASERS (Not clickbait)

7 Okt 2019
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Glass breaks. Apple has once again made the back glass on their new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro permanent. Apple charges 300 to 600 dollars to replace the glass back on their new iPhones. Lucky for us, there is now an easier way to replace the back glass on your iPhone 8, iPhone X, or even iPhone 11. And that is with the new Laser Separator machine. There are several brands out there, the one I use in this video is from REWA: bit.ly/2Ks6BmC
Watch us try to remove the back iPhone glass with liquid nitrogen: idworlds.info/from/wLJ9eNOza6adas0/video (it is near impossible)
Watch the Apple Watch screen replacement: idworlds.info/from/tr-Li97VepSrmaM/video (also near impossible)
For every step a company might take to make their product repairable, there are thousands of awesome people coming up with solutions, and ways to repair 'repairable' devices. This iPhone laser glass separator machine is one of the coolest solutions I have ever seen.
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