OnePlus 8 5G Giveaway! - (Plus Interstellar Glow Water Test)

28 Apr 2020
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This might be the strangest video ive ever made. But hey, gotta get creative during quarantine! Enter the giveaway HERE: Huge thanks to OnePlus and T-Mobile for sponsoring this video.
Giveaway Ends May 2nd 2020
10 winners total. Each will each receive (1) OnePlus 8 5G.
Must have a valid physical address in the USA for shipping.
18 years or older
Many will enter - few will win.
The OnePlus 8 5G is one of the most anticipated phones of the year. With their history of fairly priced smartphones the OnePlus 8 5G provides a lot of bang for the buck. And now comes in 2 different colors. The Onyx Black and Interstellar Glow. We'll be taking an up close look at both colors today, and even dropping a OnePlus 8 5G in water to see if it'll still work.
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