Poco F2 Pro Durability Test! - Is the Moving Camera Durable?

3 Jun 2020
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The PocoPhone is back with the Poco F2 Pro. More expensive this year, but still better priced than most smartphones. Grab a Teardown Skin for your phone here: dbrand.com/teardown And check out the Tesla Model Y Off roading through Snow HERE: idworlds.info/from/rLx5f6e4bad6has/video
Is the budget PocoPhone F2 Pro be durable? Today we are going to find out with a durability test. We'll see what the F2 Pro is made from and how well the Pocophone F2 pro can handle every day life with a scratch and bend test.
Poco F2 Pro Teardown: idworlds.info/from/wL-JgdzZm3uMgsU/video
Do you think Poco should sacrifice the 5G and drop their price a bit? I kinda do. Lower price is more important than specs not everyone will use.
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