Galaxy A50 Durability Test! - is the Plastic Samsung Phone durable?

2 Agu 2019
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dbrand still has 'Bullet Proof Bananna' as a color option on their website: 😂 Its been that way for a year! Thanks to dbrand for sponsoring todays video. Today we are going to find out if the plastic Samsung A50 built cheaply? The only way to find out is with a durability test. We are going to take the Galaxy A50 and put it through a series of scratch bend and flame tests.
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  • Hi Jerry😊can you teardown samsung a50s too?? Because I want to change my a50 motherboard to a50s motherboard...I want look how different size of both motherboard🥰thanks Jerry

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  • Or people buy 1,000 phones to play games on it. 1,000 phones has very good quality. Other phone are laggy

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  • I scratched mine at a. Level 6

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  • Used the A50 for a year and a half. Camera is utter trash when there is low light(low light means a room with bright LED lights that fully light the whole room). The phone bent due to my pocket being too small for it. Its very easy to scratch the whole phone (after a month of use the entire phone was scratched). Due to the bending of the phone the SIM sometimes doesn't get detected. (After 5months the "sim not detected problem" started to happen almost 3 times a day). The phone started to become slow. I'm not sure if its because the way how i use my phone. But Im a type of person who cleans their phone everyday. I wouldn't say it is a reliable phone. But for 300$ i rather buy a used galaxy note 8, s8 or s9.

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