Homemade Off Road Wheelchair - ONE YEAR LATER UPDATE!

27 Sep 2019
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Its been a year since we made the off road wheelchair! Thanks to Rad Power Bikes for sponsoring this follow up! Check out the Rad Runner here: radpowerbikes.com/jerryrig The Off Road wheelchair has some major benefits. But its not all sunshine and roses. There's a few things we would like to change... and Cambry and I will explain what those are in this video!
See our NEW 'off road wheelchair': idworlds.info/from/3Np_m5Szr4Bzeqs/video
Surprising Cambry with the chair!: idworlds.info/from/rpiRobrUsaaKo7c/video
Watch how we built the Off Road wheelchair here: idworlds.info/from/vJudfrO6qmh6raM/video
Mountain climbing test: idworlds.info/from/y9GTZ8ayrKShnsk/video
Adding more brakes: idworlds.info/from/2c1ilsXaaYCrqMk/video
First test: idworlds.info/from/q6mIaNnUemKEiJY/video
If you want updates on our next off road wheelchair project, check this out: www.NotaWheelchair.com
To learn Cambry's story watch this video: idworlds.info/from/r7F1eMqreqNjmdk/video
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  • Actually in a way its great she has to use it...in that it makes it where she gives better feed back other then a person who can walk and do things easier would just bypass the things she cant do. On a side not too bad scientists can't devlope a way to regrow the nerves in peoples limbs yet.

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  • Get Duct Tape to sponsor!

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  • In 5 days it will be a year old!!!!

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  • Quick question, I bet the you have the answer somewhere on your IDworlds channel, but I'm just wondering, and it's ok, if you don't have to answer, but what happened for her to lose the ability of her legs?

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  • In India it's called XL 500😂

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  • You could try maybe using her wheel chair as the seat instead of an extra seat

    Charles NdegwaCharles Ndegwa2 bulan yang lalu
    • It can be done but I guess the problem with that is that it would be too wide and it would not enter most doors. On the other hand 75 cm (the usual I think) is too thin to warranty it will not overturn. So 90cm could be a good idea.

      MaxBorgesMaxBorgesBulan Yang lalu
  • okay but for the record, it's actually "jury rig" though nobody seems to know that. I like the way Jerry has done the play on words for his IDworlds channel though!

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  • How the f*** can someone dislike this video?!How shitty one has to be to do that!

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  • Next is apple juice powered exoskeleton

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  • Giving me lots of ideas, thank you :)

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  • This is awesome, so many just adjust to life as a "handicapped" person and you are showing that you're "handicapable" . This is so inspiring to see you guys out doing things having fun

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  • I like to see encouraging and positive comments Be blessed you all.

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  • Rad doesn’t condone modifying bikes JerryRigEverything: Hold my beer...

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  • Attach t bars to the end of each bicycle handle so you can have have the same orientation as normal handlebars.

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  • How can she cross her legs?

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  • Notes : Don't even try play *EUROBEAT* while driving

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  • As an aspiring Recreational Therapist, I find this bike so awesome. Adaptive Sports is something I really want to get into once I graduate and seeing this is super inspiring for what I can do with my future clients. I know Cambry as Occupational Therapist probably loves what you have created from her own personal experience and as a professional that deals with a lot of adaptive sports in itself.

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  • I love your work and have som ideas to improve it. How about putting the bikes wide enough from each other to fit the wheelchair. Easy entering from behind and somehow clicking into a lock. The driver can stay in his or her wheelchair and another good thing about making it wider is stability.

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  • 47 after retiring...

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  • Some way to have her just back in her chair onto a lift that gets her chair off the ground would be awesome, then she could get in and out herself and have her chair when you reach a destination!

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  • Hey jesse ima big fan was I want to ride an electric bike to tryband lose weight but unfortunate my theyre arent many affordable heavy duty 500 plus pound bikes let me know how much you would charge for a heavy duty electric bike maybe putting two bike together like you did the offroad wheelchair with solar panels thatveould be my dream come true please help me

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  • Does anyone know if they are going to get any possible treatment or something that could make her walk again? Or is it something irreversible? I just wondered since in America they are ahead in many things in terms of new treatments, etc... and they are such great people having exposure here on youtube, so I wondered if anyone reached out to them... I love their videos! Great people and such an inspiration!

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  • How about a monoshock for the rear suspension and since the seat post mounts are empty and unused you could build a roll bar or a small roll cage that would be height adjustable and not only protect her upper body but could be used as an overhead grip point to lift her in and out of the seat . As for self access , a small stool on casters the same height as the seat would allow her to pull herself in backwards using the modular roll bar overhead....

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