Redmi K20 Pro Teardown - Value Champion is Clear!?

16 Sep 2019
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Its time to teardown the Redmi K20 Pro! If you want to customize your own phone for cheap check out dbrand: The Redmi K20 Pro has enough flagship features to make you think it costs a lot of money. But it does not. The K20 Pro is probably the best bang for your buck smartphone released so far in 2019. Today we are going to see the K20 Pro from the inside.
See my wall mounted computer build from 5 years ago here: (currently 164k views)
See the Redmi K20 Pro Durability test HERE:
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  • The K20 pro has everything someone can need in a phone. The only problem is that it has spywarey MIUI by default, but that can be solved with just installing LineageOS as this phone is really easy to unlock.

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