We've NEVER seen cooling like this! - Poco F2 Pro Teardown!

5 Jun 2020
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The Pocophone F2 Pro is ready to be taken apart. You can see the inside of your own phone with my dbrand skin HERE: www.dbrand.com/teardown Its much safer. The Poco F2 Pro had a motorized camera. I say 'had' because between this video and the and the durability test... the PocoPhone F2 pop up camera stopped working. Today we are going to see what went wrong with that pop up camera. And see if this Poco Phone F2 will still work when we put it all back together again.
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PocoPhone F2 Pro durability test: idworlds.info/from/trCMppe0iZmVnJI/video
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  • Watching someone tearing down my dream phone 😂😂

    T4C officialT4C official20 jam yang lalu
  • Hi Jerry, i AM a fan from Portugal and i watch all your videos. I bought a Poco F2 Pro and i love the skin you design. I try to buy on the website but it was discontinued. Where i can buy that skin?

    João NascimentoJoão NascimentoHari Yang lalu
  • I can't buy POCCO F2 on India..Says Currently not deliverable... So sad....

    Mave RickMave RickHari Yang lalu
  • can you do poco x3 nfc😁

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  • Done subscribed☺️

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  • Watching from my Poco F2 pro right now, and I like the skin! And I was thinking... Maybe, a duct tape could be used as an alternative in pulling up the selfie cam instead of a razor blade😅

    JEBB ELOJEBB ELO2 hari yang lalu
  • New subscriber here. Im poco f1 user for awhile now. You helped me decide to buy it before when I watched your review about poco f1. Now poco f2 was introduced (I was informed late because of a lot of things....hehe) I checked immediately your review about poco f2 since I had amazing experience in poco f1. You have showed a lot pros and cons here, and now Im thinking of upgrading my phone thanks to your review. I had a lot of question in buying poco F1 before but you made my mind at peace. I dont have the money now due to the pandemic but once i have the budget I'll go for it maybe. Keep it up sir and thanks for the wonderful review.

    Jacob Shawn LimJacob Shawn Lim3 hari yang lalu
  • It's just like LEGO 1:50 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • Best YT channel ever🤩🤩🤩🤩

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  • Hi sir. I know it might be quite embarrassing and rude but, i just want to ask, can i ask you for a phone? mine's broken and can't afford to buy one. i'm sorry sir. I hope you'd read it. Thank you.

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  • We're celebrating lives of criminals now? Really progressive..

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  • i want that f2pro please ^^.

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  • Can I have that phone sir Jerry? . I'm using Samsung j1.. please 🥺

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  • It's just broken kind of like United State right now.. Pretty Dorn Good Though 😝😊

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  • even tech channel has this nidder propaganda.

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  • It's a pretty nice phone...can you give it to me Sir ❤️

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  • 0:05 "Breathe, Breathe in the air" Pink Floyd

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  • how about the inside of mi note 10 lite

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  • You know what . If I see this video and your destroy this phone my heart it's destroy.

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  • Open the pouvouir 4 pro

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  • Hey sir... Good day to you... Im from Philippines and always watching your video... I hope im one of the lucky person who recieve your give away phone... No matter if the phone is that one you rig off... Im happy for that...

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  • So, battery heat dissipation during charging... Better with the phone screen up or down?

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  • "Just like little Lego " He said

  • David disini

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  • Just buy poco f 2 pro. Amazing! Hi from Russia

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  • Love your video. Can you take apart a poco x3 in the future?

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  • Poco x3 teardown

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  • I badly need new phone for my online class and he just opened the poco f2 pro🙁

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  • please review poco X3 😍😍

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  • Смешно, когда смартфон выдал ошибку что камера не открывается, а Джерри вытащил её лезвием)))

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  • Jakie jest ograniczenie dla nagrywania 240fps w rozdzielczości 1080p? Czy nagranie ma ograniczenie długości? Który obiektyw: (1)(2) (3)(4) nagrywa 240fps?

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  • hello if you see my message please help my poco f2 pro the mainboard was dead can you help me please

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  • Two things... First is, I can't believe how many people think this guy's name is Jerry.. Second is, I can't believe all the people who think this guy's name is Jerry because his channel is called Jerry rigg everything, which means those people had no clue that Jerry rig is a saying and that saying has been around for decades 😂😂😂

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  • Maybe the camera is stuck outside intentionally so you can still use the camera despite the broken motor, so that you don't need to send it to Xiaomi or a phone repairer if you can't do so. Yeah, it's weird and most people wouldn't like that.

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  • I can't breathe. That's heartbreaking man. When "human being" will begin to be human again?

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  • The warm voice paired with ASMR effects from the phone getting unmounted is absolutely one of the most satisfying things ever

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  • Is this phone is safe to buy?

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    • You should research your information before posting it online.

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