How to build a MASSIVE Raised Garden - For Wheelchair Users!

24 Apr 2020
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Building a large raised garden was something Cambry and I have wanted to do for awhile. And what a better time to start gardening... than the present? Hopefully we can get something to grow out of our raised flower beds. We used 2x12 redwood boards for this project, each 12 feet long. The inner measurement of each finger is 4 feet exactly, and the 'pathway' between fingers is 3ft 9inches. And the total length of the back side is 28 feet. We were able to build it in a weekend, but it took a LOT of dirt to fill up. Let us know what we should plant! We need tips!
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  • "Zack, should we control [that bonfire]?" I just got a flashback to burning weeds in my old farmhouse... Someone stuffed some cans of spraypaint in there, and we nearly set fire to the neighbors field when one exploded and sent some flames over the fence. We were able to quickly extinguish it, thankfully, and got the rest of the cans out. What's even scarier is that the cans we found in there weren't the brand we bought... which made my dad wonder if one of the neighbor kids did it.

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  • Me growing up with land. Nah that fighter is fine. We used to pile weeds and others stuff into our empty pond and burn It once a year.

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  • Bell peppers

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  • I know I'm really late but I do have some advice, I've worked on a organic farm for 6 years and we use very few machine just like you will have to do because of the type of garden beds you built. Just so you know I work in Iowa and I'm not sure how well my knowledge will translate to your climate. For one I know that you had to make a raised bed so it was wheelchair accessible but in general you want raised beds in dry climates and sunken beds in wet climates, this is because generally the more it it raised dryer it will be and the more sunken it is the wetter it will be. Because of that I would recommend putting in a irrigation system. As far as the produce you grow I personally wouldn't recommend corn, it's not self pollinating meaning you need multiple plants to make it work and to make it pollinate correctly you would need at least 1/4 and possibly 1/2 of your garden to be corn. If I was in charge of that space I would make one of the "fingers" perennials, the ones I would grow are mint though it is extremely invasive so you would have to make 1-2 feet of it mint and create a barrier to prevent it from spreading into the rest of the bed. Also i would recommend either one or two chive plants, they come back every year and buying they in the grocery store is a pain. As for the rest of the bed asparagus is a good choice, it's one of the earliest produce you can get due to how it grows and home grown asparagus is great (I usually eat it raw and it's wonderful). I would then grow root vegetables in another row, garlic, onions, carrots, and beets are great options but remember to thin them out so only one it growing in a single spot. Also remember to plant your garlic in the winter right before the ground freezes so it can grow right when the ground thaws. In the third finger I would recommend planting greans after the last freeze such as spinach, chard, and lettuce (my favorite leaf lettuce is black seeded simpson) also if you don't use all the space you can grow snap peas because they stop growing at about the same time as greens. After those stop growing I would plant summer squash/zucchini in the space the spring vegetables grew. As for the last space I would grow tomatoes but I'm not sure how it would work with a wheelchair, you could try trellising and growing determinate tomatoes instead of indeterminate tomatoes but in still not convinced it will work. If tomatoes don't work eggplant and peppers both are great options that take a similar time to grow. If you read this and have any questions feel free to message me I love talking about gardens and growing 😊

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  • Tomatoes

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  • Great job brother. Install drip irrigation system before planting. It would be so easy for you to manage watering. Expecting a video on that and also the planting of veggies. On planting vegetables, try growing carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, lady fingers etc.

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  • Plant in the fall works better it’s not as hot and the plants have time to adjust

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  • If you want gardening tips I'd recommend putting a line of copper around the top of the boards (keeps the snails out). Also try burying some conkers in each corner (somehow keeps out the spiders). You could also plant a bunch of Marigolds to keep out other insects. For plants I'd recommend nasturtiums (edible and pretty) as well as mint or cabbage

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  • Hi Jerry, this is a very good idea of building those planters. I strongly suggest you burry on the bottom of the planters big logs of tree, smaller branches and wood debris, then you cover it with soil and hay on the top. It will make a natural fertilizer, slightly increase the temperature of the soil allowing your in soil vegetables to resist on winter. Make research online, you'll see all the benefits.

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  • Well, to get started you may want to think of planting herbs as well like mint, basil, thyme, garlic, coriander, dill, or chives tomatoes and onions will be a good start, pretty much just plant what you think you will eat all the time, if you eat corn a lot, then plant corn, carrots then plant carrots, just plant what you have incorporated to your current diet already, oh and Zack you will like this part, it is time for you to build some custom gardening tolls for you wife to make the experience more fun and easier

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