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12 Jun 2020
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2020 has been pretty nuts. One way to take some control of the craziness is to vote: it takes less than 2 minutes to register. Tell your friends and family. The only way we all get whats best for everyone, is if we all vote. In 2016 less than half of young people (ages 18-29) voted. And only 58% of our voting eligible population voted. When the people stay home... the people dont get what they want.
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  • This video and his Twitter say to vote for trump right

    aimlessbuttonaimlessbutton7 jam yang lalu
  • MAGA, moral libertarians over moral authoritarians. Also, Blm is a terrorist group

    Tyler WilsonTyler WilsonHari Yang lalu
  • *im not telling you who to vote for* *but vote for change*

    BDNBDNHari Yang lalu
    • Lmao right. I’m not telling you who to vote for >references the direct campaign slogan for Biden These people are slimy and so dishonest

      Gary Clark IIIGary Clark IIIHari Yang lalu
  • not sure about the bald guy in the video, but I am pretty sure most people wouldnt like to vote for a puppet president who is controlled by his VP and his party.

    PrateekPrateek2 hari yang lalu
  • I love how everyone is saying this is anti trump even tho he didnt say his name one lol, yall just connecting everything he said to him. you all know that trump is those things lmao

    FocusGTAFocusGTA4 hari yang lalu
  • TRUMP 2020

    Reuben SullinsReuben Sullins5 hari yang lalu
  • Let's get one thing straight. If you need these people to tell you to vote, to register, who to vote for and vote just to vote. You dont need to be voting. If your voting because you made an educated and informed decision, by all means vote.

    Jacob SaldañaJacob Saldaña5 hari yang lalu
  • Given what we know about tech giants. Jerry is just a pawn being used too smear and mislead the naive american into not voting trump. Do your own research. Maybe watch a few speeches.

    CaulinCaulin6 hari yang lalu
  • I'll vote for the guy that protects the 2nd amendment.

    spencer Hunterspencer Hunter7 hari yang lalu
    • I'll vote for the guy that just got into politics 3½ years ago and has already done more than...let's say...somebody who has been in politics for 47 years

      jah beanjah bean5 hari yang lalu
  • Inspirational

    Sebastian HidalgoSebastian Hidalgo8 hari yang lalu
  • Can't fix it bc there's always 2 opposing sides

    j liriej lirie8 hari yang lalu
  • Voting isn't like marriage... you are not looking for the one who is perfect it's like public transportation you take what is going kinda your way

    kuentinkuentin9 hari yang lalu
  • wow nice bro

    Mohammad Faruque HossainMohammad Faruque Hossain9 hari yang lalu
  • In my country you don't need to work hard for this videos.. Instead just Give Half 🍷 wine.. Everything OK Country -INDIA

    Global feedGlobal feed10 hari yang lalu
  • Where were you literally every other election? Why is it now when you say voting is important? Is it becuase orange man bad? Shill harder.

    • Zack's a republican, but I think he's going hard on getting people to vote against trump this year because Trump's administration tried to get rid of the "paralysis resource center budget." He mentioned this in a tweet.

      mikodamikoda6 hari yang lalu
  • I prefer my youtube videos without politics. Every single entertainment medium is full of politics and leaves out the entertainment.

    JackJack16 hari yang lalu
  • This anti trump ad was trash. Keep your politics out of your channel

    VX_Rocky tVX_Rocky t16 hari yang lalu
    • This is not anti trump. It’s just a reminder to vote

      Jaylen SmithJaylen Smith15 hari yang lalu
  • I don't get it, so are you saying vote Libertarian? Because right now if you believe all the slander against the right they're not based on empirical data, but the lefts side definitely isn't either; all the left has done is fill the void of data with platitudes, conjecture, lies especially when it comes to the issues which trouble BLM, and various " what ifs" -- the 'what ifs' are not an argument, arguments are based off what is observably and patently better; the sophistry espoused by the establishment since the early 2010s needs to end -- big business is on the ropes and now isn't the time to be drinking their Kool Aid. I'd love to ask how riots are proof of the ineptitude of the right and not the left, Antifa has been caught red handed trying to sow division and start a civil war especially with the attempted kidnapping of governor Whitmer from Michigan, somebody needs to stand up to these tyrants and it isn't going to be Biden Harris.

    RenascenceRenascence17 hari yang lalu
  • LoL... doesn't matter who you vote for...LoL..the world leaders full of tyranny squad who are willing to sell their soul for own wealth...LoL...

    Seven Nation'sSeven Nation's19 hari yang lalu
  • I can see this is a biden campaign video, so sad....

    anthony saundersanthony saunders20 hari yang lalu
  • Message clear- Vote for Trump in the upcoming election!

    DunHiLa CrafteraDunHiLa Craftera20 hari yang lalu
  • I can promise you all right now, Joe Biden isn’t the answer. I understand a lot of these content creators opinions/statements, but I feel like Biden won’t produce the way a lot of people think he will. That’s just the way I see it

    All DiligenceAll Diligence21 hari yang lalu
    • @All Diligence Biden is the most progressive democrat that could be elected this year. I'm a Bernie bro and I know that Biden will definitely ve very progressive

      FanTToMFanTToM12 hari yang lalu
    • @FanTToM nah man I just want someone in office that gets shit done. That’s literally all I want. I don’t want another Obama and I fear that’s what Biden is going to be

      All DiligenceAll Diligence13 hari yang lalu
    • @All Diligence so what you mean by this is that you want another Fascist, that is actually honest about being a fascist?

      FanTToMFanTToM13 hari yang lalu
    • @FanTToM Eh not so much, but I wish there was someone else who was like Trump but didn’t act they way trump does

      All DiligenceAll Diligence13 hari yang lalu
    • Better than having Trump in power lol.

      FanTToMFanTToM18 hari yang lalu
  • I cant believe a bunch of cringy low life millionaires got together to complain about the best administration in decades. When was the last time you saw peace deals, low lives? When was the last time you saw lowest unemployment? And I can't believe these black people support a guy that calls them super predictors and way too many more things.

    hnal.x 89hnal.x 8922 hari yang lalu
    • Oh. The guy that payed $750 in taxes? The person that is $400 million in dept? The person who REFUSED to denounce white supremisists? The person who got thousands of people evicted? The person who killed +200k (and counting) cause of the virus? The person who thinks the confederacy is "inspiring"? The person who said that their are "great white supremisists"? The person who called the virus "not real"? The person who claimed that the virus would disappear? The person who actively told people to buy hydroxychloroquine to "cure" the virus, and in doing so made many people die from not being able to buy it for actual medical needs? The person who claims "Fake News" yet spreads false news all the time? The person that is LITERALLY A FASCIST? The person who pulled out of the green new deal because Climate Change is "a Hoax"? The person who pulled out of the Iran Nuclear Deal? ... Yeah, I think Trump is the right vote here lol.

      FanTToMFanTToM18 hari yang lalu
  • Nothing is more important than my Nintendo Switch.

    Kiraro The KitsuneKiraro The Kitsune22 hari yang lalu
  • I like the way you do scratch test please see back camera glass also in every mobile

    Vishal PatilVishal Patil22 hari yang lalu
  • I wanted to vote for Yang, but CNN and MSNBC didn't even want to let the man talk.

    Zero 8880Zero 888022 hari yang lalu
    • I personally don't really like his views on immigration.

      FanTToMFanTToM18 hari yang lalu
  • 4 more years baby best president ever Trump 2020.

    Brenden GonzalezBrenden Gonzalez24 hari yang lalu
  • Thank you for this! Vote everyone!

    methanial73methanial7326 hari yang lalu
  • Dems gonna loose regardless. They may have had a chance with Tulsi Gabbard, but Biden is just way too weak for a position that big.

    Aditya SinghAditya Singh27 hari yang lalu
  • I stopped watching around 1:55 when dude said “I’m picking the candidate that isn’t trying to divide the country”. I’d love to have the rose colored lenses he’s viewing things through because guess what... both candidates are divisive. They have polar opposite positions on almost 100% of the “issues”. I blame the parties more than the candidates. If they would relent on some issues and just say “ya know what, we as the government really shouldn’t be getting in your business on that so while I’m president I’m just going to leave it alone” they might actual sway some voters. But as it stands, both parties have taken a strong “you’re either with us or you’re against us” stance. THAT is pretty much the definition of divisive. Neither guy has any intentions of uniting the country.

    pathfinderLXXIVpathfinderLXXIV28 hari yang lalu
  • and remember. All life matters.

    PawełPaweł29 hari yang lalu
  • well tbh trump didn't win the election via the vote of the people, it was the electoral college, so it just really doesnt make sense to vote when our vote doesnt count

    TarikTarikBulan Yang lalu
  • How much do you want to bet that they only let democrats be in the vid

    Russianman420Russianman420Bulan Yang lalu
    • I'd bet big money. This is a whole nexus of fraudsters.

      Aditya SinghAditya Singh27 hari yang lalu
  • iPad bend test: 14+ million views This video: 500k views Me: 🙄

    ALsRigALsRigBulan Yang lalu
  • Maybe don't add political beliefs into tech videos....the amount of pandering is nauseating

    abundantsnailabundantsnailBulan Yang lalu
    • It might be vertigo or the need for glasses, sometimes you feel nauseous when your body feels unbalanced.

      Sean RosairoSean Rosairo26 hari yang lalu
  • Lmfao all the liberal IDworldsrs 🤣 😂 💀

    E30E30Bulan Yang lalu
  • I was waiting for the "paid for by Joe Biden for president" bit at the end. Taking a quick look at his Twitter shows he's just a leftist tool. It's a shame because I like his videos.

    Stanced_Lvl2Stanced_Lvl2Bulan Yang lalu
    • Aww, boo boo. Let me play a song on the worlds most smallest violin

      Jaylen SmithJaylen Smith15 hari yang lalu
    • @Silver Chariot I'm 21 lmao. Don't get triggered

      Eric JEric JBulan Yang lalu
    • @Eric J okay millennial

      Silver ChariotSilver ChariotBulan Yang lalu
    • Lemme guess you're middle aged and balding

      Eric JEric JBulan Yang lalu
  • wait the minute i'm from indonesia

    Quinn Abrar Athallah SentanuQuinn Abrar Athallah SentanuBulan Yang lalu
  • It's sad that this video didn't even get to one million view

    guido irrisorieguido irrisorieBulan Yang lalu
  • United Americans? So trump Your vote didn’t matter? So republicans

    Error nullError nullBulan Yang lalu
  • TRUMP 2020

    Eric TomaEric TomaBulan Yang lalu
  • Great video

    John SJohn SBulan Yang lalu
  • don't let this comment section discourage you, these people do not represent the majority. when November comes, if 100% of the population of the united states voted, there would be no ambiguity at all as to who would win. use your power and have hope for a brighter future, because that is the only way we will ever see one.

    CamadinCamadinBulan Yang lalu
  • The longer this mask bullshit goes on for the longer I think it's really just an experiment to find out just how easily fear can be manufactured. They literally have people fearing others breathing the open air. If they can do that, who knows what else they can do. Think about it.

    LimitIsIllusionLimitIsIllusionBulan Yang lalu
  • Trump2020

    Danny HowarthDanny HowarthBulan Yang lalu
  • Why do you have to inject politics into everything? I thought this was a tech channel and not a political one.

    Mantas KalnietisMantas KalnietisBulan Yang lalu
    • Kinda dissapointed doe.

      Silver ChariotSilver ChariotBulan Yang lalu
    • yeah

      Jacob HillstromJacob HillstromBulan Yang lalu
  • I’m surprised this doesn’t say “I’m Joe Biden and I approve this message” at the end.

    TurtleTurtleBulan Yang lalu
  • What you spend your money on a real vote, it affects how the economy develops. Pursuit a measure of your real desire, so what you spend your money on tells the real tale of what you really care about. What you put your time & energy into also a measure of pursuit! Who are you becoming ? Talking heads & biased government corrupted by special interests of all kinds, crime, war, injustice, pollution, insourcing, outsourcing, viral vectoring, ecosystem destruction, toxic products, toxic processed food like substances behind SAD or standard american diet, nutritional confusion, preventable disease / America could be leading the world with physical fitness, nutritional excellence & an amazing economy / but erosion of the family unit & cultural war against people of faith / decay from within causing social division & bigotry & hatred & negativity. Global overpopulation, traffic congestion, time waste, inefficiency, lack of access to internet or recycling // there is a lot of room for improvement in all domains of human civilization & most of the important issues like clean air ar none partisan or affect everyone & our children & their children //

    Aaron SchwarzAaron SchwarzBulan Yang lalu
    • Donald Trump did not win the popular vote, the American People mathematically elected Hillary Clinton :: I dont like either BTW The electoral college distorts the voting process to bias the hyper rich & connected & leaves regular people disconnected from voting outcomes

      Aaron SchwarzAaron SchwarzBulan Yang lalu
  • The most anti Trump ad without being an anti Trump ad.

    Jake LindsayJake LindsayBulan Yang lalu
  • Too bad Biden can't remember science 🤣🤣🤣

    E30E30Bulan Yang lalu
  • Sleepy Joe endorsement in disguise.

    Dmitriy StepsDmitriy StepsBulan Yang lalu
  • Lmfao

    BCYBCYBulan Yang lalu
  • Great video, it truly amazed me of the amount of famous youtuber having hands-on on this so important matter ! We can do great things together if we all vote !

    B1GL3G3NDB1GL3G3NDBulan Yang lalu
  • This is a joke

    FastForceGFastForceGBulan Yang lalu
  • I was really thinking about starting to watch videos on your channel but now that I see you're using entertainment to push a political agenda if your viewers are that stupid then no they need to vote is ridiculous

    Nick NikesNick NikesBulan Yang lalu
  • “In touch with reality”.......yeah I don’t think Biden’s dementia would like the statement 😂

    CXBFlashCXBFlashBulan Yang lalu
  • I know MLK wouldn’t vote democrat

    ikemanreedikemanreedBulan Yang lalu
  • Who isn't benefited right now?

    choobplayachoobplayaBulan Yang lalu
  • Trump closed down travel to China... and Biden called him a racist. Trump brought together Fauci and everyone else, are they not "science"? I hope you're all talking about Trump here. lol. Biden is a disaster.

    choobplayachoobplayaBulan Yang lalu
  • Trump is for racial equality, is fiscally responsible, and everything everyone is saying. Unreal

    choobplayachoobplayaBulan Yang lalu
  • I would argue we are better off today than 2016, the data supports it. Not these rich idiots.

    choobplayachoobplayaBulan Yang lalu
  • What change did Joe Biden bring to the US in his half a century of serving? None.

    choobplayachoobplayaBulan Yang lalu
  • Voting for time out of 300 million people can the USA find some better POTUS than Trump or Biden?? Science is keeping those two alive, but in the case of Binden science is struggling........

    dan daredan dareBulan Yang lalu
  • Brainwashing waste of a video.

    Aurora PhoenixAurora PhoenixBulan Yang lalu
  • You are asking people to vote for science or anarchists, racialist demagogues , socialists and woke capitalists?

    Alex SAlex SBulan Yang lalu
  • If you don’t vote, you also can’t complain that leadership is doing something wrong.

    HG_SarludeHG_SarludeBulan Yang lalu
  • So much respect to you! Thank you for doing this 🙏🏼

    Amir FAmir FBulan Yang lalu
  • Trump 2020

    gamir97gamir97Bulan Yang lalu
  • Young people came to the polls in droves in 2008 because it was "cool"... what's it going to take to make it cool in 2020?

    TubeSurferGeekTubeSurferGeek2 bulan yang lalu
    • @M LL Agree on the first, couldn't care less about TikTok. It will eventually die off like Vine. Point was that young people thought it was cool to vote for the first African American. Will they think it's *cool* enough to bother to go out and vote for Biden? If history is any indicator... that would be NOPE! Just another old, white man looking to put his hand in your pocket.

      TubeSurferGeekTubeSurferGeekBulan Yang lalu
    • TubeSurferGeek Whats cool is getting Trump out of office. Whats cool is choosing a person who doesn’t get rid of your TikTok xD

      M LLM LL2 bulan yang lalu
  • I am voting for TRUMP 2020

    jbnOraclejbnOracle2 bulan yang lalu
  • Bahahaha I get "Rich IDworldsrs know better than you" vibes. Really condescending

    FutureIndieProductionsFutureIndieProductions2 bulan yang lalu
  • Lost yourself a subscriber

    Evan HaasjesEvan Haasjes2 bulan yang lalu
  • I'll say it for you...since he was to much of a pussy to tell you the truth. He's a Biden supporter. He clearly hates Donald Trump. So go vote Biden if you want higher taxes..endless wars.. socialism..your guns taken... defunding of our police. I could go on forever. You get the point.

    Keystone GuardianKeystone Guardian2 bulan yang lalu
  • TRUMP 2020 🇺🇲

    Adam MendezAdam Mendez2 bulan yang lalu
  • Exactly why im voting for Trump

    Exploration TimeExploration Time2 bulan yang lalu
    • 😂😂😂

      Exploration TimeExploration Time2 bulan yang lalu
  • I'm sorry this comment section is all over the place. I hope your message got across to many. We should all take voting seriously and make sure we show up to have our voices heard so that our government can work for the good of the people.

    Ben LaFaveBen LaFave2 bulan yang lalu
  • You realise your "hero" Elon is legit a Trump supporter and anti-dems atm... seems a bit of a laugh that you still praise him but ok.

    Martin SMartin S2 bulan yang lalu
    • @Hyper You absolutely are! Left wing logic at the moment is that you aren't allowed to support anything associated with trump and or the republicans... I also remember not to long ago in a video with the what's inside guy Dan that He said that he hates trump and anything associated with him... just curious about his views on Elon then, seems contradictory.

      Martin SMartin S2 bulan yang lalu
    • So you’re not allowed to like someone that supports the other party?

      HyperHyper2 bulan yang lalu
  • jerry is Kurt angle?

    Disaster LifeDisaster Life2 bulan yang lalu
  • Why do you follow trump then

    Mhunt 1Mhunt 12 bulan yang lalu
  • One problem is NONE of the candidates is the one in your description.. and another is that not all demanded changes should happen just because. If I demand to call the square a circle, would you embrace the change just because otherwise I'll call you a squarist? But what if you're circlist just because the waves at the water surface are propagating in circles, should we erase the square from existence and start building bubbles?? We should vote for common sense and decency, there are too many pseudo scientists everywhere, every youtube watcher is one now, everybody has a new idea of a shape better than the square, because why not, wy all have oppinions!

    Dan GhitaDan Ghita2 bulan yang lalu
  • WOW!!!

    Gaming Is FunGaming Is Fun2 bulan yang lalu
  • I think its better to encourage people to learn about candidates and politics and then vote, not just to vote. I actually think its a better idea to NOT vote if you don't understand what and who you're voting for or against. A random vote is a thrown away vote and isn't really helpful in getting the best candidates into office. Learn the candidates, learn your political stances and understand what it all means and everything.

    Gregory KitchensGregory Kitchens2 bulan yang lalu
  • I thought linus was going to give us a quick message from our sponsor

    PJ EverythingPJ Everything2 bulan yang lalu
  • Me, from India:Hmmm...Ok...

    Abhinav SinghAbhinav Singh2 bulan yang lalu
  • Great Video guys. A bit late i know😅. I love your work and I hope for changes for you and our world. Best greetings and wishes from germany.

    Mar Wer?Mar Wer?2 bulan yang lalu
  • Just a tinge of white guilt there buddy?

    haywoodyoudomehaywoodyoudome2 bulan yang lalu
  • Trump suppporters are mad at Zack

    American Freedom World PeaceAmerican Freedom World Peace2 bulan yang lalu
  • It's clear all of them are antiTrump and trying to persuade people to vote that way.

    TuneTamashaTuneTamasha2 bulan yang lalu
  • Sponsored by Joe Biden. Edit: Honestly surprised I got 3 likes. Thought everyone here were democrats.

    Nicholas MNicholas M2 bulan yang lalu
    • I mean. Hes obviously a Democrat. I'm not hating, he can vote for whoever but in the video you can clearly see hes on one side not the other.

      Nicholas MNicholas MBulan Yang lalu
    • Yeah no I like to think the tech community is a bit smarter than "Vote Blue no matter Who"

      First name Last nameFirst name Last nameBulan Yang lalu
  • 🤮

    mikeissweetmikeissweet2 bulan yang lalu
  • What I wish to say is that the younger generation, they should participate in elections and become candidates. If we check the countries which are democratic, the older generation is mainly the President or the Prime Minister. I don't for some reason I think they don't understand how to run this generation. They are trying to run countries with old values and not valuing the present generation. For example if India makes a change in EIA there will be a serious impact on the country's population financially and property each person can hold. If we elect a person with a good brain, that is enough to change the country unless greed encounters them and they make wrong decisions.

    Simili Sebastian PSimili Sebastian P2 bulan yang lalu
  • Bark bark. Keep your sh!te political opinions to your other channels, commun!st supporter.

    DBAddyDBAddy2 bulan yang lalu
  • So inspirational that im 15 and can't vote.

    David RutitskyDavid Rutitsky2 bulan yang lalu
    • I see, same situation, my guy.

      Technological EliteTechnological Elite2 bulan yang lalu
  • i hope for the entire us that trump will loose

    rsab productionsrsab productions2 bulan yang lalu
  • what follows is not some biased horse manure, I'm not trying to sway anyone in any direction, but rather away from bias. please hear me out. Onward: sorry, but this video is quite bad in my opinion. I consider myself a right leaning centrist, and do not support trump. I wanted Ted Cruz, second choice was probably Ben Carson. Trump didn't really make the list. Now let me ask you, whoever is reading this, a question: if on any given mindset or opinion there are thousands or millions of minds with equivalent or superior analytical ability to your own who disagree on said issue/s, then why is it logical to believe in your own opinions or mindsets? You can skate around the answer all you like, but in the end, all of what we believe is subjective. Should gun control me implemented? Should abortion be legal? What should each income bracket pay in taxes? No matter how strongly you feel on any of the above examples, or essentially anything in politics, you don't actually know if you're right. On some, Studies are a start, but you're a fool if you think bias doesn't get in the way; almost every hotly debated political stance has thousands of studies validating it AND deligitimizing it, so again, you don't actually know if you're right in the end, and we don't like that. Everyone wants to believe that their conclusion is superior to that of their opponents somehow, and thus more likely to be correct. So what do we do? We deligitimize the opinions of others to convince ourselves that our opinions are objective; we accuse the opposite side of ignorance, stupidity, evil, etc, because that's more convenient than admitting that we might be wrong, and encouraging others to do the same. 3:02 bothered me. You intentionally inserted bias into the equation "I'm not going to tell you who to vote for, but.." you get the point. Trump, in my opinion, does not believe in science; I believe he makes that quite clear, but that's my conclusion to come to, just like it was yours, and It is not objective. So why in earth should you be presenting ANY information to other voters in an inherently biased fashion? Because your end goal is not truth and progression, in my opinion, and I mean this as respectful as possible, it's furthering your political agenda. TL:DR-- opinion is subjective, don't try to delagtimize the beliefs of others, if you don't want to be part of what's holding back the human race.

    McnuggatronMcnuggatron2 bulan yang lalu
  • Bro... stop with this Trump derangement syndrome and look at the stats. Not the CNN ones. For a person in the HIGHLY logical field of tech, you remind me of a brainwashed student on the Campus Reform channel. I've overestimated your brains.

    ZerefeLZerefeL2 bulan yang lalu
  • I’m 45 years old. I guess I’m not supposed to be subbed to this channel. Thanks for the message.

    Guardians CreedGuardians Creed2 bulan yang lalu
    • lol

      InfiniteTonyInfiniteTony2 bulan yang lalu
  • You destroyed this channel by bringing up politics ! Unsubscribed .

    Rainer RainRainer Rain2 bulan yang lalu
  • i am writing this things from my three account in hope that you will read any one. hey Zack i am working on a project and i need your help. you have done the teardown of Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and s20 ultra and you will di a teardown of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultra . so can you just so the real teardown i mean as your teardown skin like in 3D of the s20 ultra, note 10+ and note 20 ultra. i think you understood wgat i want to say. i think you have the photage of the complete teardown of note 10+ s 20 ultra and of note 20 ultra. your help will be very great.heart if you have read it going to do it

    Mayank AgrawalMayank Agrawal2 bulan yang lalu
  • Well step 1. Become 18 step 2. Leave Margret Thatchers grave and Step 3. Become American citizen Then step 4. Register to vote then last and least Step 5. Vote for some random ladd who wont fyck over England's trade.

    Queen 88Queen 882 bulan yang lalu