Making a Wedding Ring from a Wheelchair?! - Titanium & Gold!

10 Sep 2019
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YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! Over $24,000 donated to the school in Kenya! Every penny counts! You can donate through IDworlds on this video: or if you live outside the US and want to donate, here is the website: say 'Zack and Cambry' in the form when donating.
HUGE thanks to my buddy Weston. Tell him hi for me over on his IDworlds channel: or on his Instagram here:
Cambry and I have done a LOT of projects together. From the off road wheelchair: Updating that off road wheelchair: to building legos: to adding an elevator to our house: Cambry has been a great teammate. And we are excited for our future adventures together. If you want to learn more about what happened to Cambry you can watch this video: which explains more about her accident, and how she moved forward.
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  • You two are a special kind of awesome. You're a blessing to mankind, with you as both individuals, and as a excellent, well fitting, titanium strong partnership. Taking the blessings of your union, and utilizing it to making the world a better place just shows your caring nature's, your character, and demonstrates how, as my 4th grade teacher used to tell her class, "loving someone is amazing if only because it gives one more love to give". I love how you're not just for yourselves, but for others as well, in effect your love for one another is making the world a better place for everyone who lives in it. I also love to see how well you two fit together, inspiring each other, for example with the creative idea for Zach's wedding ring, or your home improvement project of installing that lift for Cambrey, increasing her independence, and it's obvious that one makes the other one's life better in a great many ways, combining like power rangers, or Voltron to do great things. This is exactly why it's been said that "behind every good man is a good woman". You two are living proof of that very saying, you're inspirational, your relationship is inspirational, and if I'm ever blessed enough to be married, I want nothing less than the kind of beautiful partnership/ love/ relationship/ friendship you two have together. I see you both making the other better in one way, or another, even in these short videos, and I am awestruck. Absolutely inspiring, and I can't stress enough how you two represent the kind of relationship I want, if such a situation were in the cards. Nothing less. You two share the perfect bond, demonstrating just what a married couple should be like together, and so obviously not just for the cameras, but in a way that couldn't easily be mimicked just to hold up appearances. I wish you two a lifetime, and beyond together, I send positive vibes like the ones you two send out over IDworlds, and the world. That classroom alone is such a sweet, kind-hearted gesture. I also really like Cambrey being included in your videos, I like how you make things "fit", keeping the videos technologically focused while sharing your personal lives with us "faceless masses", for instance, the way you demonstrated the process of combining titanium to gold for your wedding ring, including the personal reasons for this process talking place. I learned some new things for sure. After your explanation of "why", then the demonstration of "how", you even included Cambrey's reaction, which left me feeling as if we're all a part of your fam, sharing in your joy, living this moment with the two of you, and getting a connection that can't be had simply by checking for grooves on Gorilla Glass with hardness picks. I'm really happy for you guys. What a blessing indeed, and I wish you the best.

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