iPhone 11 Durability Test! - is the 'cheap' iPhone different?

30 Sep 2019
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The iPhone 11 is $300 dollars cheaper than the Pro versions... But at what cost? Lets find out! Grab your fast charger from Anker HERE: s.krpax.com/r/K8ZOrm (Use code 'JEREV266' for 20% off. Valid through October 15, 2019)Thanks to Anker for sponsoring this video. Here are the Sapphire Screen Protectors: amzn.to/2mS73jP
The new iPhones released in 2019 are all fast charge capable, but Apple only included fast chargers in the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max boxes. They expect iPhone 11 buyers to go out and buy their own fast chargers. Super annoying. What else is different on the cheaper iPhone 11? Today we are going to find out during the durability test. We know the iPhone 11 is made from aluminum instead of Stainless steel, but does that effect the build quality?
iPhone 11 Pro Max durability test: idworlds.info/from/nc92aavNoGl9ZpY/video
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