AirPods Pro TEARDOWN vs Liberty 2 Pro! - Best 'Pro' Earbuds?

14 Nov 2019
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Today we are going to take apart the new Airpod Pro's and compare them with the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro! Check them out HERE: Not very often do we find new technology entering into wireless headphones. But today we are going to see what Soundcore's new Astria Coaxial Acoustic Architecture looks like from the insides. Yeah, thats alot of big words, but it boils down to two different types of speakers right on top of each other so the soundwaves from each dont conflict with eachother. Its pretty interesting.
We'll be comparing the Soundcoare Liberty 2 pro's to the new Apple Airpod Pros. Pro vs Pro. We'll take a look at the hardware inside the Airpod Pro earbuds themselves along with the Airpod pro charging case. Are these the best wireless headphones on the market? What do you think?
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  • Hello Mr Jerry, I am Vick from Mauritius 🇲🇺 Island. Can you tell me if the liberty 2 pro is good for Note10 plus?? What do you recommend me for note 10 pro?? Thanks your so much for the Videos you make it very helpful.

    Vick PandjeeVick Pandjee25 hari yang lalu
    • The liberty 2 pros are awesome but if you got the money to spare I would honestly recommend the Sennheiser Cx 400 bt, Sony Wf1000xm3, or the Jabra 75t if you want similar sound profile but better sound. Go with the Soundcore if you really want a premium pair of tw earbuds for a cheap price.

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  • KZ was doing "coaxial" wireless headphones for a long time before these, just FYI. And also they were doing ones with 3, 4, 5 and more drivers not just 2

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  • listening and seeing the review I only hope sometime some company take the chance to make good quality deaf speakers with this technology and charge them in this fair price

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  • Why is everybody so angry? Do you trust this guy or not? Of you do, trust him to turn down a sponsorship of the product sucks. If not, quit watching. I'm not a regular viewer, but I know this channel's rep. And seeing as how the Liberty buds have great reviews across the board from all sorts of sources... Maybe they're just good. Climb down outta his ass.

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  • Thanks, I liked the tear down since I have both of these. IMO, the AirPods Pro don’t come close to the L2P’s music sound quality across a multiple genres. I like the L2P’s app as well. However, for everyday use with traveling, taking calls, running errands, I use the AirPod Pro’s. The noise cancellation is easy to enable/disable. I wish the L2P’s had active noise cancellation and better phone call quality. Thanks again for the tear down that was cool.

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  • Pro Musician Tip: These earbuds are all fancy looking, but crappy and way overpriced. Google the term In Ear Monitor. After you’ve learned about it then search for KZ IEM. You’re welcome.

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