OnePlus 7T Durability Test! - A Big Camera Hole is a Bad idea.

19 Okt 2019
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Its time to durability test the new OnePlus 7T! Get your first audiobook plus two Audible originals free when you try Audible for 30 days, go to or text jerryrig to 500 500. OnePlus has released a new phone called the OnePlus 7T, that fits right between the 7, and the 7pro. (There is also a 7T Pro version if you werent confused enough already.) Today we are going to find out how durable the new OnePlus 7T is. Normally during my smartphone durability tests, we find out what the phone is made from and what physical flaws it might contain. USUALLY phones survive my tests... but today, with the OnePlus 7T... something happens with the back glass.
OnePlus 7T Teardown!:
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  • Zack: You can tell how much a company cares about their users by what they include in the box. Apple: Haha let's remove the fucking charger.

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  • Sir pls give a phone if u checked all...I am repair and use pls send one of them to my address pls

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  • So can I buy it

    Jithin ErnestJithin ErnestBulan Yang lalu
  • After a hard fall my OnePlus 7T got cracked on display ,while sending the device to service center they told me that the motherboard is bent..😢😢 mine device is only 8months old.. Very disappointed

    BIPLAB dasBIPLAB dasBulan Yang lalu
  • Hey Jerry.., why can't you try to add OnePlus7T a wireless charging option...? Request from INDIA...

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  • Im waiting for zack to say "scratches at a level 9 and no deeper grooves"

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  • Thank God house is not near you for durability test

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  • The next flagship phone will have the first paragraph of hamlet for a name instead

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  • Iv got the silver version of this phone

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  • Hi Jerry, my one plus 7T's display has broken but it is still in a working condition and there are no one plus showroom available here. Can I please get a link to purchase a new display.

    dhinesh kumardhinesh kumar2 bulan yang lalu
  • Hi Jerry, I should definitely have seen your video before buying my OP 7T here in France...Despite glass protection and protective shell, the two faces of the screen are completely broken after a bike accident, black screen, 10 days old, and OP support only proposed me to repair it for hundreds of euros...I definitely do not recommend this model to bikers !

    Avic 19Avic 192 bulan yang lalu
  • Does anyone know if the fingerprint scanner under the screen still works if it's been scratched? Usually does it in the video but not in this one for some reason

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    • in my case no

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  • I bought a OnePlus 7t and my friend try to plug my phone from me same happened with my OnePlus it started cracking on the same spot as it is in the video I haven't droped my phone through it cracked

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  • This one plus passes durability test

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  • I was using this phone from last five months n it was wow ....but just 2 days back i kept my phone on the bed n went out n my brother by mistakenly kept his knee on my phone while sitting n it just broke my back screen completely n my phone was bend ... it was too bad experience the durability of this phone is too worse saying this with my personal view.

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  • Very cringe-worthy stuff...but very insightful indeed. Thank you for conducting these durability tests (so that we don't have to ^_^')

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  • Watching on a 7T that hasn't cracked yet 👀😂🤭

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  • you should shill hand mostiurizer, you can use this video as a '"Before" video for proof of effect.

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  • After 7T oneplus Nord has now completely failed the Test.....where r we headed 1plus....?

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  • What do u do with all these phones .. send one of them ti me

  • What do u do with all these phones .. send one of them ti me

  • Me:Watches 7T unboxing and reviews in other channel and decided to buy it Also me:Then comes to JerryRig: I'm okay with my Nokia 0011

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  • At the 0:40 Mark Zack made a relevant quote. We are now finding out both Apple and Samsung will no longer be including USB power adapters in the box. I'm sure by next year even OnePlus won't be including their warp adapters in the box.

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  • I am about to buy the phone, will it bend or break even while using a back cover and tempered glass?

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    • @highvoltage12v oneplus 7T pro doesnt have the glass cracking issues? Yes the latest oneplus doesn't seem to be a complete version of themselves yet even i am deciding between 7T 7T pro and Samsung galaxy s10 lite

      Shivam RaisharmaShivam Raisharma3 bulan yang lalu
    • I bought the OnePlus 7T Pro off amazon due to the glass cracking issue, I still prefer the popup camera as well. OnePlus current flagships have display issues, so I decided with last years model.

      highvoltage12vhighvoltage12v3 bulan yang lalu
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  • I'm facing high ping issue on my OnePlus 7t, OnePlus isn't solving this. On community app i got to know that there are so many people facing this.

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  • I bought the 7t on release. Feature-wise it's the best phone I've had, but sadly my rear glass just cracked just as his did. It was in my front pocket, when I leaned against a table. Crunch! Doh! Everything still works, but a replacement is on the way.

    Chris PreimesbergerChris Preimesberger4 bulan yang lalu
    • At least was the back that is just like a plastic cover with glass on it, but the screen is safe, which is the really important part of the phone

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